Wishlist | July 2017


The month of July is almost over and that means I’m bringing you my monthly wishlist. I do these mostly for the stuff I really want, but it doesn’t mean I will actually buy everything on this page, though I wish I could do that. If you want to know which products are on my wishlist, then keep on reading.

Lets start with the newest palette I think a lot of people want to have. The Anastasia Subculture palette. It’s the sister palette of the ABH Modern Renaissance and even though I have that one, because of my excessive palette collection, I haven’t tried the Modern Renaissance yet. But I am interested in the Subculture palette.

The main reason I’m interested in this palette is because it’s not another boring neutral palette. The colors are different and I think it will be interesting to create looks with these colors. I do think the palette is more suitable for fall, since most people would not use those darker colors in Summer. But I would love to create looks with it.

The palette is available on the Anastasia website where it retails for $42 but it’s momentarily out of stock.


We all know by now my makeup collection is quite big, but I don’t actually have a lot of eye pencils. I just don’t use them, I mostly use a nude pencil on my waterline and that’s about it. It doesn’t help that my eyes are quite sensitive so most pencils cause my eyes to water a lot.

The Marc Jacobs highliners have been raved about in the beauty community. They look beautiful and there are a bunch of different colors. The two colors that have my interest are called Jazzberry and Ode(sea) and I hope to pick them up some day. The only thing that’s keeping me right now is the price tag, €20,95 a piece on the France Sephora website, which I think is quite a lot for an eye pencil.

I’ve been on the look out for a new primer, mostly because the primer I now have is correcting my skin, which is great. But I’d love to have a primer that gives my skin some glow, especially because it’s Summer now.

Catrice has a product that looks quite luxurious for their doing so my interests were peaked immediately. The Catrice light correcting serum primer. It has a dropper and the bottle looks pretty. It’s said to give your skin slight gold glow, nothing too dark so it’s good for multiple skin colors.

Because it’s colorless they say you can also easily wear it on days where you don’t wear foundation but still want a glowy skin. It’s available on the Kruidvat website for my Dutch people for €4,59.


Going to keep it with these three products for today. We all know I can come up with much more but I think those are on the top of my list right now. What is on your wishlist, do let me know in the comments. And hopefully I will see you on the next one.

All the love, Des x


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