Luna By Luna Highlighter | Review


In my February Ipsy Bag I got a highlighter from the brand Luna By Luna. It’s a brand I’ve never heard from before. Always exciting, and who doesn’t like getting highlighters. I decided to test the highlighter out so I can give my opinion on it. If you want to know my thoughts, then keep on reading.

Testing out new products may be my favorite thing to do. Especially from new brands. I think that’s the fun thing about subscription services, finding new brands and seeing if you like them or if they’re not for you.

I went on the Luna by Luna website to see more about the company. The highlighter is available in three different colors, I got Calypso and they retail for $23 a piece. This is what they wrote about the company and their products on their website:

« Luna by Luna Cosmetics promises to deliver the highest quality cosmetics that are not only vegan, but  also cruelty free!

The colors in our collection are bold, daring, and not to be underestimated. One swipe of our highly pigmented products will leave you stunned and flawless for hours to come. Here and there you’ll see something edgy with a pop of color, but overall our products are perfect for any skin tone or skin type.

The concept of our name came from astrology with a hint of inspiration from Greek Gods and Goddesses. Our word lunar, as in the lunar cycle of full, crescent, and new moons, comes from the feminine Latin Luna. Many societies envision the moon as being a woman, or female. And what is more feminine than feeling sexy and empowered, which is what Luna By Luna promotes.  We are based around a simple fact: when wearing our products, you feel nothing less than a Goddess. »

I love the fact that their names come from astrology with a hint of Greek gods and goddesses, it’s something different and I always like different things.

Let’s get into the packaging. It’s in a simple blue compact, it does feel sturdy though. The top of the highlighter is clear which means you can see the color. The lettering on the front is in white and it shows the Luna By Luna logo.


On the back it says the shade name and how much product you get in the compact. The name of their website is also written on the back.


When you see the highlight in the pan you probably think it’s nothing much. It doesn’t look anything special, it almost looks kind of grey.


I swatched the highlighter on my arm and there you can see it’s quite a subtle highlight. The swatch is one swipe. It’s got a little champagne look to it, but there’s also a little pink and purple going through it. It’s a very interesting color, not something I often see.


As usual I applied the highlight to my face, I was surprised how easily it applied. Where it seemed it wasn’t as pigmented on my arm, the pigment on my cheeks was amazing. You could see it really well and I love the color. I wear the highlight on my cheeks, inner corner of my eye and underneath my brow bone. It really pops and I didn’t need to apply a lot, I was pleasantly surprised.


Conclusion: What a good product. The highlight is beautiful and it works fine on my pale skin. Not sure how it would look on deeper complexions, it might be a little ashy there? I think this was such a good product to receive in your Ipsy Bag, I definitely would never have heard of this brand if it wasn’t for this. Would I buy this myself? Probably not because I don’t know much about the brand and I do think $23 is a little bit expensive, but I will definitely keep using this in the future.

Rating: 8/10

Did you get this product also in one of your Ipsy Bags and what did you think of it? Hopefully I’ll see you again on the next one.

All the love, Des x


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