Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glowkit | Review


Hello everyone, long time no see. Apologies for my absence. There have been some things going on. In May my friend visited from Peru, so I was mostly spending time with her. Then at the beginning of June I was in the hospital for two weeks. No need to worry, it was nothing bad. I’m home now for a bit, and decided to try to get back into blogging.

Bear with me if my posting schedule isn’t up to normal yet, it might take a while to get back to it. Especially now that summer is here, and I barely have any energy to put makeup on.

Today’s review will be about the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter palette in Aurora. I already own a few of these, and they have been amazing quality so far, so I hope this one is as well. If you want to read my thoughts about this palette, then keep on reading.

I think Anastasia Beverly Hills is, aside from their liquid lipsticks, mostly known for their glowkits. I don’t know many people who don’t love them, the quality is amazing and the price is fair if you look at the amount of product you’re getting.

The Aurora glowkit is the newest one and was released on April 3rd I believe. ABH have recently set up a UK webshop, so I ordered it on there because it means I have no taxes to pay or any extra costs. Aurora retails for £39 on the UK website.

The packaging of the glowkit is gorgeous. It’s an orange and purple shade which kind of fades into each other. The Aurora written on top of the glowkit is in holographic lettering, which gives it an extra touch.


The back of the glowkit contains the ingredient list, and the usual symbols where it tells you the product is cruelty free.


When you open the glokwit you see it doesn’t have a mirror. I personally never mind it too much, but I know it bothers some people. It says Aurora on the inside, and the ABH logo is seen as well.


A closer look shows that we have six shades in this glowkit. There are some wearable shades, but also some fun shades that aren’t as wearable. Although, you do you, everyone can wear whatever they want.


The shades are described as following on the website:

Eclipse – Pink champagne pearl with a peach reflect
Luna – Mother of pearl with an icy orchid reflect
Spectra – Sparkling lilac pearl with an iridescent blue-green reflect
Helia – Yellow gold pearl with a turquoise reflect
Orion – Blue pearl with a purple amethyst reflect
Lyra – Rose gold pearl with a champagne orchid reflect

I made swatches down below on my arm, it’s one swipe and I have used no primer or whatsoever, it’s just my bare arm. The swatches are in the same order as above the list, from bottom to top.

I did notice that the swatches were quite light, something I’m not used to with the ABH glowkits. I was concerned they would show up badly on the skin, luckily that wasn’t the case.


I wore the shade Luna as my highlight on the picture below. As you can see, it pulls kind of icy white on me. I love the way it looks, I love bright white highlighters, probably because of my fair complexion.


Conclusion: I think this glowkit is something different from the other glowkits ABH has brought out. They have their 4 pan glowkits, which are all wearable shades, then the Moonchild one which was mostly duochromed goodness and now this one with a mixture of wearable and some more outgoing shades. I think they did well, the outgoing schades can be quite wearable even on my fair complexion. They aren’t as pigmented as their other glowkits, I think to make it more wearable. I don’t have a problem with it, the shades are buildable, so you can either go for a soft glow or bring it up to maximum glow. I definitely like this glowkit, and am glad to have it in my collection.

Rating: 7,5/10

Do you want to get this glowkit, or do you have other ones you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

All the love, Des x

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