Kylie Cosmetics Valentine’s Day Collection Part 1/2 | Review


The product I’m talking about today has been through quite a journey. I was lucky enough to order them through a friend, since they ordered for lots of people, I didn’t only have to wait until everything got shipped, but then my fr had to sort everything out and send it from her place in Belgium to me here in the Netherlands. So yeah it was a long progress, but I finally got it so I definitely want to review it! Today’s post is split into two parts. First, I’ll talk about the Kylie Diary, then I’ll create a look with the palette. In another post I’ll be discussing the Kylie Valentine’s day lip products. If you’re curious to know my thoughts, then keep on reading.

So Kylie Cosmetics always comes out with special collections. She came out with a Holiday collection around Christmas, and a special one around her birthday. While it’s fun, I personally am not the hugest fan of limited edition items. Because it’s just no fun on missing out on amazing products. When I saw the collection I immediately knew I wanted to try some, the packaging and the colors really appealed to me.

The Kylie Diary is an eyeshadow palette which includes 9 different eyeshadows. They’re different finishes, mostly matte and shimmers. There are also 2 blushes included. Those were the first blushes ever released by Kylie Cosmetics. By now she does have a line of individual blushes, which you can find online at Kylie Cosmetics.

The packaging looks like a little booklet, it makes sense she called it a diary. The side of the palette is glittery red just as the font of the palette. On the front it says: “Kylie’s Diary”.


On the back of the palette it says: “xoxo Kylie”. On the back all the names of the shades of the eyeshadows and the blushes are written.


When you open the palette you immediately see that there is a decently sized mirror. On the bottom of the mirror it says again: “xoxo Kylie”.


Here is a close up of all the shades, as you can see there are no names so you have to look on the back of the palette to know those. The blushes have a little heart pattern on them, which makes them look extra cute.


I swatched the eyeshadows on my arm. These are mostly one swipe swatches and there is no eyeshadow primer used, just my bare arm. I noticed the eyeshadows were quite powdery but they did have excellent pigmentation. The mattes felt better than the shimmers, which was surprising, since it’s often the other way around.


I also swatched the two blushes, the same way I did with the eyeshadows. I did use some more swipes since these blushes aren’t very pigmented. Which I personally really like, because it means you can build them to your own intensity.


For the eye look I created I started with the shade “Sweet Like Candy” in my crease. After that I grabbed some “Love Potion” and put that a little lower in my crease. For all over my lid I used the color “Heart Breaker”. I used the color “Heart Eyes” on the outside of my eye and blended it into my crease. For my lower lash line I used “Sweet Like Candy” and then used “Heart Eyes” for the outside of my lower lash line.




For my blush of course I used one of the blushes from the diary. I used the color “First Date” because I thought it would look best with this eyeshadow.


The eyeshadows were really easy to work with. They did have some fall out so I would recommend to do your eye makeup first and then your foundation. I prefer the mattes over the shimmers, because the pigment is just better. The shimmers worked alright, but weren’t as pigmented as I hoped.

The blush was as I expected from the swatches. They are really buildable. I doubt they’d be really suitable for darker skin tones though. But my pale complexion has no trouble to make them work.

Conclusion: I am happy with this palette, the mattes are extremely easy and pigmented, and the shimmers do their job just fine, although I wish they were a little more pigmented. I like how the blushes work and look, and the colors are definitely colors I would pick out myself. I think the palette was worth the money although it is on the pricey side.

Rating: 8/10

Have you been able to get this palette? If so, do you regret it or do you love it? Let me know! I hope to see you on the next one, which will be all about the Kylie Valentine’s Day Lip products.

All the love, Des x



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