Makeup News and Stuff #15


The weeks pass by so quickly, and it’s time for another makeup and news. If you’re curious to hear about the new and upcoming releases in the makeup and beauty world, then keep on reading.

We start today with Violet Voss, mostly known for their glitters and their eyeshadow palettes. They’re now coming out with a highlighter palette called Rose Gold. We all know highlighter palettes are the biggest rage right now, but companies keep coming out with them.

The palette includes 6 shades and will be available on the 4th of May on the Violet Voss website. It will retail for $45 and be available on 10 am PST. If you’re thinking about picking it up you can use the code Trendmood to get 10% off.


Juviasplace is coming out with two blush palettes called the Saharan Blush palettes. Their eye shadow palettes are amazing, everyone loves them, including me. Now they’re coming out with something new. Two blush palettes: one for medium/dark skin tones and one for light/medium skin tones.

Each palette includes 6 different blush shades, and the palettes will be available on the Juviasplace website on the 10th of May. Once again, you can use the code Trendmood for 10% off.

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-29 om 13.55.37.png

Zoeva is coming out with a new eyeshadow palette. They have plenty of those already, and a lot of people like them. I’ve only used one in the past and wasn’t the biggest fan, but maybe the others are better.

It’s called the Basic Moment eyeshadow palette and as the title suggest it’s a palette full of basic colors. Nothing exciting, but just something to do your daily eyeshadow with. It has light shades, transition shades and shades to darken up your crease, great for those who are in need of a daily palette. But for those who already have that, it won’t be a palette you’ll need.

It will be available on the Zoeva website on the 15th of May, and I’m guessing it will be the same price as their other palettes €21,80.


Melt Cosmetics is mostly known for their eyeshadow stacks. I am very intrigued by those, and I am curious but haven’t tried them myself since I find them quite expensive. Now they have come out with highlighters. There are three different colors: Stargazer, Gold Ore and Nova, and they’re suitable for different skin tones.

They’re available already on the Melt Cosmetics website for $39 dollar a piece, which is quite expensive, but I have no idea how the formula will be. Are you going to pick one up?


And I’m going to end with something I was very excited about, but there’s not much to tell yet. Shannon from the youtube channel Shaaanxo has had her own brand where she sells brushes and eyelashes for some time now, and it seems she’s working on actual makeup! I’m excited and I’m sure with me a lot of people are. When she reveals more, I’ll give you an update.


This was everything for this week, let me know if you’re interested in something, or if there’s anything else that I didn’t talk about, let me know. See you on the next one.

All the love, Des x


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