Tarteist Lip Paint In Rose | Review


In my March Ipsy Bag I got this little sample of the Tarteist Lip Paint. I was really excited, since this is a product I have never tried before. Since I’m a big fan of lipsticks, I like trying out new formulas all the time. So if you’re curious to hear my thoughts, then keep on reading.

Slowly but surely I’ve been trying some Tarte products, so when I saw I got this in my glam bag I couldn’t wait to try this out. This is a mini sample of the Tarteist Lip Paints. They’re available on the Tarte website in 26 different colors and retail for $19. Tarte writes the following about their Lip Paints:

« Quick dry, full coverage, transfer-proof liquid lipstick. Use a lip scrub to prep & condition lips prior to each application. Use the lip paints precision wand to trace on longwearing matte color. First, use the tip to contour lips by tracing along the upper & lower lip line. Then, shade inside the lip line using the applicator surface. The quick dry formula will set in seconds & adhere to lips all day. »

Let’s get into the packaging of the lip paint. It’s a tiny sample size, and when I say tiny, it really is. It’s so hecking cute. This causes the applicator to be tiny as well but it’s still easy to use. The tube is clear so you can see the color of the lip paint. The top is black, and it has golden details. The lettering is also in golden. This causes the lip paint to look quite luxurious.


I swatched the lip paint on my arm. I tried to be cute and draw it in the form of a heart, but it failed a bit. The lip paint dried quite quickly, I think it took about one minute.


I wear the lip paint on my lips here. It applied easily, in one coat it was totally opaque. It dried quickly, in about half a minute. It didn’t transfer when I kissed the back of my hand.


I really like the way this color looks on me, It’s the perfect nude. I wonder why they called the color Rose, since it’s more leaning towards brown nude for me. I guess it might have to do with the undertone of you skin, either way I’m happy. The lip paint was comfortable, I’ve been wearing it for a bit and it didn’t feel too drying. When I ate or drank something it did transfer, but most liquid lipsticks do. It did stay on in a way you didn’t have to re apply it after a dinner.

Conclusion: I think it’s very cool to try a product like this. The color is beautiful, definitely something I can wear whenever I want to since it’s a perfect nude color. It’s not too drying, even though it’s a liquid lipstick. The formula was comfortable and if I didn’t already have so may lipsticks, I’d definitely buy some more. For now I’ll have to do it with the ones I have though.

Rating: 8/10

Have you ever tried any of these lip paints, or are you planning on picking up any of them? I hope to see you on the next one!

All the love, Des x



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