Wishlist | April 2017


April is coming to an end, which means it’s time for another wishlist post. I’ve noticed I get really greedy from all these new makeup launches. Making these posts helps me know what things I want to maybe buy in the future when I have some money. So if you’re curious about what I put on this month’s wishlist, then keep on reading.

Benefit sometimes comes out with these big palettes that include some of their best selling items, and they did it again. The Benefit Cheek Parade includes 5 of their popular products, and I want it. Not only do they look gorgeous, but I also find it handy to have multiple bronzers/blushes in one palette.

The palette includes: Hoola Bronzer, Hoola Lite, Dandelion, Rockateur and Galifornia. All the blushes look beautiful, and apparently the Benefit blushes are great quality. Ever since the Hoola Lite came out I’ve been wanting to try it, since I think it would look quite good on my pale skin.

This palette is available for €59,95 at Douglas. And it retails for $58,- online at the Sephora website. Have you ever tried any of these products, and which one were your favorites?


A friend of mine has recently started her own company. She makes pressed glitters, and they look amazing. The company is called Laguna Cosmetics. She handmakes the glitters herself and I’ve been dying to try them out. People have been really enthusiastic about them.

The pressed glitters retail for €6,95 a piece and I think that’s quite a fair price. Currently their website is under construction, but check back in a couple of days and it should be up again. Meanwhile you can check out their Instagram. (Where I got the picture you see bellow from)

Basically I’d like to try out all the colors because they are that gorgeous, but on top of my list I have: Mellow, Glass Slipper and Stellar. Stellar out of the three is a bit more chunky than the other two, those are more finely milled. Have you heard of this upcoming company yet, and what are your opinions on pressed glitters?

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-23 om 09.29.44

I’ve been using the Beautyblender to apply my foundation and concealer for a while now. Mine is getting slightly bad, so I know I have to replace her soon. Sadly those things are expensive as heck, they cost €20,- which is a little ridiculous, I think we all agree. But it’s just so good, it gives the most natural finish.

I know a lot of people have been using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge as a dupe for the Beautyblender, because it’s a lot less expensive. I’ve never tried it, but now they came out with a new sponge and I’m intrigued. It’s called the Real Techniques Dual Ended Expert Sponge and it’s supposed to give you medium to full coverage. Which doesn’t happen with sponges all that often since they grab a lot of the product.

It has two sides, one side is orange and the other one is pink. According to the description you should use the orange side for your concealer and foundation, and use the pink side for your contour, highlight and blush. I’m intrigued and want to try it and see how I feel about it. The sponge retails for €7,95 which is a lot less than the Beautyblender. It’s available on Boozyshop.


Have you ever tried any other sponge than the Beautyblender, or do you not like sponges and swear by a brush? Let me know, and I hope to see you again very soon

All the love, Des x


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