Makeup News and Stuff #14


The days pass by so fast, it’s already time for another makeup news and stuff. If you want to know what’s going on in makeup land then keep on reading.

Kylie Cosmetics is coming out with a new collaboration and a new formula! Are you exited yet? The collaboration is going to be with Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian West, I think you either are very excited or totally not. I always feel like either you love Kim or you hate her. I personally have nothing against her, so I was interested upon hearing this.

She’s bringing out a set of nude lip colors, nobody is surprised since Kim is the queen of nude lip colors. It’s in a new formula called the Creme liquid lipsticks. I have no idea how to imagine them except creamy, but that’s kind of weird to imagine with a liquid lipstick. We’ll just have to wait and see how this formula will be. The set launches on April 25th, online at the Kylie website at 3 pm PST. The set will include 4 lipsticks and will retail for $45.


Mac is known for their collaborations and they’ve done it again. This time it’s been with two youtubers. Laura Lee and Gabriel Zamora. I’ve been watching Laura for a while on youtube and I like her personality a lot, she’s very unique. I don’t watch Gabriel so I can’t say anything about him, but I’ve seen him in a video with Laura and he seemed lovely.

They both collabed on a lipstick and it’s available right now on the Mac Cosmetics website, only in the US. The shade names are MacXLarLarLee and MacXGabrielZamora. They’re both nude colors, Gabriel’s is a bit darker than Laura’s, but both will be suitable for different skin colors. They retail for $17 a piece. Currently they’re sol out, let’s hope they’ll get back in stock soon.


I used to know Lancome for their skin products and their perfume, but didn’t know they also had makeup until a while ago. I’ve heard some of it is pretty good. They’re coming out with a new mascara called Monsieur Big on July 15th, and it wil retail for $25.


This is it for this week. There are some more products coming out, but there was either no price or no release date for them yet. Hopefully we’ll know some more next week. Are you excited about any of these? Let me know, and I’ll see you soon.

All the love, Des x


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