Kylie Lip Kit in Love Bite | Review


Its time for another review about a dark and vampy liquid lipstick! The last time I talked about the Jeffree Star liquid in Dominatrix, and this time it’s the Kylie one in Love Bite. If you’re curious to know my thoughts on the Kylie Lip Kit, then keep on reading.

One thing is certain, there isn’t a brand more talked about than Kylie Cosmetics, whether you like it or not, everyone seems to have an opinion. I have tried a lip kit of hers in the past and liked it. But this is another shade, and I thought I’d review it for you.

Kylie Cosmetics is only available in the Kylie website.It’s the only official retailer, if you see it anywhere else it’s fake, so please don’t buy that. They ship internationally, but you have to keep in mind it will most likely cost you taxes, and you can only buy with a credit card. The Lip Kit I bought is in the color Love Bite and retails for $29, it includes a lip pencil and a liquid lipstick.

The product comes in a box with the signature lips on it. The lips are in the color of the liquid lipstick you bought, the color is also on the top of the box, together with the name.


On the back of the box you have more of her signature drops, and it says “Kylie xoxo”. There is a list of ingredients for both the pencil and the liquid.


The color is described as a rich plum brown color. The swatch I did is one swipe and it is quite pigmented. Both the lip pencil, which felt extremely buttery, as the liquid lipstick had a lot of pigment.


It matches the description of the color perfectly, it’s the perfect, rich brown color. I love brown liquid lipsticks, I think something about them makes you look fierce. Then again I pretty much dig every color. While it is dark, it’s not as dark as the Dominatrix one by Jeffree Star. When I swatched them for a while I thought it might be, but they’re different.


I think I prefer this color on me, because it’s less dark. I’m always afraid dark colors make me look paler and more angry, but I’d wear them anyway.

As for the formula, a lot of people compare the Kylie one with Colourpop and I just don’t get that. The Colourpop formula is extremely drying for me, and I just don’t have that problem with these liquid lipsticks. They are as comfortable as a liquid can be, and stay in place for quite a few hours. This is definitely one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas.

Conclusion: I think this price is quite expensive, but you do get both lip liner and liquid lipstick. I think the formula makes the price worth it, it’s comfortable and stays on for a long time. if you like the concept of these lip kits, definitely try some and see what your opinion is.

Rating: 8.5/10

Do you like Kylie Cosmetics and her lip kits or do you stay away? I’ll see you on the next one!

All the love, Des x


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