Makeup News and Stuff #13


Another week has passed, which means it’s time for another makeup news and stuff. A lot can happen in one week, and knowing the makeup industry there will have been a lot of new releases and announcements. If you want to hear about them, then keep on reading.

Is it really a new week if Colourpop doesn’t release something? I don’t think so.. I wonder if there are people who can actually keep up with their releases, because I gave up a while ago. I love the brand, but there’s no way I can afford to buy their new releases all the time.

They’re coming out with a new formula called the Ultra Blotted Lip. There will be 8 shades, and apparently they will be extremely long wearing, super matte and transfer proof. Sounds like a good product doesn’t it? They’ll be available article on the Colourpop website by the time you’re reading this.

They will also come out with a few new shades of their Blotted Lip formula. These are buildable lipsticks, extremely moisturizing and super comfortable to wear. Are you going to pick any of these up? I think I’ll pass, I have enough lipsticks as it is.


It Cosmetics is coming out with the Confidence In Your Glow Palettes. They’re beautiful blush palettes with a glow and ombre effect. Because of that you’ll get a few different shades which will all go over in one another.

There are 3 different colors: Instant Nude Glow, Instant Natural Glow and Instant Warm Glow. It will be available on the Ulta website in May. They will also come out with a brush that is perfect to use with these palettes. You can see them on the picture below. It will retail for $48.


Kathleenlights is someone you’ve heard me talk about before. At the end of last year she came out with her own brand of nail polishes called KL Polish. They came out with the spring collection for 2017, and the colors are amazing!

There are six beautiful shades, called: Miss Honey, St. Clair, Coconut Milk, That’s What She Said, Pistachio Ice Cream and Hug & Roll. They are all lovely, cute spring colors, and only retail for $8,50 a piece. If you want them all there’s a bundle deal for $45. You can pick them up at the KL Polish website.

Are you going to pick them up? I wish I could, but sadly she doesn’t ship internationally (yet?). It’s a hard thing with nail polishes. She has said she’s working on it, because she knows she has plenty of fans outside the USA. So until then, no KL Polish for me.


What do you think about any of these products, are you going to pick them up? Let me know, and I’ll see you next time.

All the love, Des x


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