Catrice High Glow Light Infusion Mineral Highlighting Powder | Review


I’ve been on a drugstore roll lately. Today I bring you a review on this Catrice highlighter, yes highlighter. I know it looks like a bronzer, but it isn’t. If you want to know if the drugstore can make beautiful highlighters as well, then keep on reading.

This Catrice High Glow Light Infusion Mineral Highlighting Powder has got to be the longest name for a highlighter ever. I often go for high end highlighters, for some reason I feel like the drugstore isn’t as good with highlighters yet, like they’re still one step behind. Nonetheless I wanted to try this highlighter out. I saw it on the Kruidvat website where it retailed for €4,99.

The packaging is typical Catrice packaging, clear plastic. The lettering is in silver where it says the name of the highlighter. It’s in a bit of a rounded packaging, because the highlighter has a bit of a domed shape. It also tells you in black lettering that you get 8 gram of product.


On the back of the highlighter the shade name is written. There is a little bit about what kind of product it is, and of course there is a list of ingredients.


The swatch was kind of soft, like you could see it but barely, so I built it up a little. The consistency felt a little gritty like there were glitters in it, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The color is between a white/champagne-ish color.


I don’t have a picture where the highlighter is on my face. It was quite hard to capture, even though in person it was clearly visible.

Conclusion: I still think the drugstore can’t compare to high end highlighters, which isn’t a bad thing. They’ll catch up eventually. This is mostly a subtle highlight, if you apply it with a fan brush it will be subtle glow. If you want a bit of a more noticeable highlight, I suggest using a more denser brush. The highlight looks good on the face. Even though I said it felt very gritty, you didn’t see that on the face. It did start to fade after a couple of hours. Maybe I’m really easy, but for €4,99 you really can’t beat it. It’s a good highlighter for that price. Yes, I like my higher end more, but that’s the price I pay. This works perfectly for those on a budget.

Rating: 7/10

What do you think of budget highlighters, and which ones are your favorite? Let me know. I hope to see you again soon.

All the love, Des x


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