Makeup News and Stuff #11


It’s time for another Makeup News and Stuff. I didn’t do one last week and I apologize for that, I was quite busy with other things and didn’t have time to blog. Now I am back again, and of course there are plenty of news things that are about to be, or just have been released. If you want to know more about these products, then keep on reading.

Jouer is coming out with 2 new products. Actually, new products in the lines they already have. They’re coming out with a new color of their Lip Cremes and lip topper, aka the color Rose Gold. It will be released on April 4th, and you can use the code Trendmood for 15% of their website.

The lip cremes retail for $18 a piece, and the lip topper will be $16. The picture down below has the Rose Gold Lip Creme and the Lip Topper swatched. Don’t they look absolutely gorgeous?


Anastasia Beverly Hills is afraid we don’t have enough glow going on. On April 4th they’re releasing a new glowkit. I’m a bit surprised since they just came out with the Nicole Guerriero one, but I will never say no to more glow.

The glowkit is called Aurora, and I’m guessing it will retail for $40 like their other glow kits. It will be available on their website and on the Sephora site. It seems to be another special one with a few unusual colors, I am already in love. (But I don’t need it, maybe if I keep saying it I’ll believe it.)


Too Faced is coming out with a glitter palette. Ahh, I love glitter even though I don’t use it too often. It’s called the Glitter Bomb palette, and if that’s not the most perfect name for it, I don’t know what is. It will be available on June 17th on the Too Faced website.

I know it’s pretty far away, but this beauty looked so amazing I wanted to share it now. Because the shades look pretty and I’m just already excited! Look at those pinks and purples!!! What do you think of it?


Mac is bringing back two classics: the highlighters in OhDarling and Superb. These were limited edition a while ago and were so popular! These days, if someone is selling OhDarling, you know it will cost you a kidney to buy it. Anyways they’re coming back with it, and with a new shade called GlowWithIt.

They will be available on the Mac Cosmetics website on April 6th. I’m guessing you’ll have to be quick if you want them, because I have a feeling a lot of people will try to get their hands on them. The Mineralized skin finishes often retail for $33,00 so I’m guessing it will retail around that price. Are you picking anything up?


This was it again for this week. I’m pretty excited about all of these. Is there anything that catches your eye? Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the next one.

All the love, Des x


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