Coastal Scents Hot Pot | Swatches & Review


Coastal Scents is known for their affordable makeup products. I never tried any of their products, but when I saw they had a lot of affordable single eyeshadows, my interests were peaked. When I saw they were having a 50% sale on their website, I decided now was my time to order. If you want to see my Coastal Scents Hot Pot collection and hear my thoughts on them, then keep on reading.

The Coastal Scent hot pots are available in so many different colors and finishes. There’s a color for everyone, and it’s one of the reasons I decided I wanted to pick some up. I personally love color, and I love playing with color and this was a nice way to fill my collection with some shades you don’t find in your day to day palettes.

The hot pots retail for $1,95 on the Coastal Scents website, isn’t it a steal? I bought them when they were on sale so I paid $0,98 for them. I also purchased two palettes with the hot pots so I had a place to put them. You can just put them in a z- palette, or any other magnetic palette since they are magnetic. I bought a 12 and a 28 piece palette.

Anyways let’s get into my first 12 pan palette. I have most of my neutral shades there with a few colors. I’ll tell you the names and show swatches.




Now let’s go into swatches. I swatched them on my arm without any eyeshadow primer. Most of them are one swatch swipes, some that were barely showable took 2 or 3 swatches. From bottom to top we have: Daisy Shimmer, Light Yellow, Neon Red and Vibrant Red.

The two yellow colors were quite chalky, they didn’t swatch very nicely. The third red is extremely pigmented and buttery, the fourth color was a little less pigmented, but still felt fine, not as chalky as the first two.


The next swatches from bottom to top are: Lava, Red Wood, Red Stone and 19 Karat Gold. All these colors swatched fine. The first three colors look quite alike, but in real life there’s definitely a noticeable difference. The last color is buttery and felt very smooth on my arm.


I think this has been my favorite row to swatch because the quality was the best. Especially the first shade was so smooth and rich. From bottom to top we have: Deep Cantaloupe, Chai Spice, Cherry Chocolate and Gunmetal.


These shades are mostly neutral and I really like them. I’m a little bit disappointed in the yellow colors, I would have liked them to be more smooth and pigmented, but then again for the price I can’t really complain.

Let’s get into the second and bigger palette filled with my 28 hot pots.


From bottom to top we have the following colors: Baby Pink, Coral Rose, Hollywood Cerise, Magenta Pink, Vibrant Pink, Honeysuckle and Vibrant Blue Green. All these colors swatched beautifully except the first one, I had to build this one up. The others were one swipe swatches and they didn’t feel chalky. I especially love the last color, the pigment is out of this world.


The next row of swatches from bottom to top are called: Herbal Green, Prehistoric Green, Icicle Blue, Blue Zircon, Blue Hawaiian, Vibrant Blue and Cornflower Blue. Beautiful colors, the third color was sadly a disappointment and so was the last color. They lacked pigment, so I had to build them up. The others looked beautiful and were rich in pigment.


Then we go into the more purple colors. From bottom to top we have: Electric Blue, Queen’s Jubilee, Little Grapette, Foxy Pink, Thulian Pink, Tyrian Purple and Amethyst. The third color is ridiculous, there is no pigment, no matter how hard I try.The final four colors on the other hand are beautiful and rich in pigment, they feel so soft.


And we’ve come to the last colors of my palette. From bottom to top we have: Vibrant Plum, Candlelight, Bermuda Sand, Ash Grey, Deep Roast, Timeless Taupe and Steel Grey. The first and the first to last color swatched extremely chalky, the other’s were fine. I especially liked the second silver color.


Overall I think these shadows are pretty okay. They are nowhere near as good as Makeup Geek shadows, but that was impossible considering the price difference. There are big differences between the colors. Some are pigmented, some aren’t. Some are chalky, others are buttery. It depends on the color. I am still happy with them though, because I can use them for my more colorful looks.

I created a look with this palette. I started with Little Grapette in my crease. If you build it up you do get pigment, even though I didn’t get it on my arm. Then I put Amethyst in my crease as well, to make it darker and more purple. I also put that on my lower lash line. All over my lid I went in with the color Tyrian Purple. I think the look turned out fine, even though not all the shadows worked perfectly. Don’t mind the lip color, I wore it for another review and had to test it out during the day.


Conclusion: If you’re on the lookout for affordable eyeshadows, these are for you. The quality is fine. They’re not as good as some other eyeshadows, but definitely better than some other drugstore brands. This is a good way to build your collection, and to maybe bring some color into it.

Rating: 7/10

Have you ever tried these single shadows, and what are your thoughts on them? Hopefully I’ll see you on the next one!

All the love, Des x


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