Makeup News and Stuff #10


Another week which means another Makeup News and Stuff. It’s the season of new releases, so I’m pretty sure there will be some fun new stuff coming up. If you’re curious to know all about them, then keep on reading.

Jouer has been killing the game lately. So many good products, they’ve been getting really popular in the community. Their Spring collection will be available on April 4th on their website.While there are no prices available yet, I can tell you which products they’ll be coming out with.

First of there is the new eyeshadow palette, which looks beautiful. Nothing really extraordinary, but I love the colors. They’re also releasing a new highlighter shade. Jouer’s highlighters are quite popular, personally I have never tried them before. Last but not least, there will be two new liquid lipstick shades. Their liquids are extremely comfortable, and I can recommend them to everyone.




There is going to be a new collaboration in beauty land. Nikkie from Nikkietutorials (Dutch pride yesss) will come out with a collection with Ofra. I mostly know Ofra for their liquid lipsticks. They are quite nice, but they also have a lot of other awesome makeup items.

Her collaboration will include a highlighter and three different liquid lipsticks. The highlighter is called Everglow and it has three colors, you can use them separately or together. Nice concept, because it means she thought of all skin colors. The three liquids are called: Nude Potion, Spell and Coven. The first one is obviously a nude, Spell is a metallic coral color with metallic pink shifting through it. Coven is a metallic dark chocolate, it looks so awesome!

It’s available on March 29th on the Ofra website,which is quite soon!! The whole set will retail for $79. Ofra has a lot of coupon codes, and Nikkie has her own. So if you use code: “Nikkie” at check out you will get 30% off and the set will cost you $55.30. For a highlighter and 3 liquids I think that’s a pretty reasonable price! Are you excited??




The Balm has come out with a new mini liquid lipstick set. They already have one, but now they released a new one with completely new shades. It’s available now on their website, and it retails for $29. The set includes 6 different mini liquids varying from nudes to pinks and reds. This is a limited edition item, so if you want to get your hands on it, don’t wait too long.


There is so much more stuff I could tell you about, but I’m going to keep it at this. Are you excited for these new products, or can you save your money? Is there anything else you’re really excited for? Let me know! I hope to see you on the next one!

All the love, Des x



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