Makeup News and Stuff #9


It’s time for another makeup news and stuff. As always, I’ll tell you about the latest releases and future releases in the makeup world. Are you curious to see what you might want to pick up? Then keep on reading.

Tarte has come out with limited edition Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liners. They can be used as a gel liner for your eyeliner, or you can use them as a creme eyeshadow. I think it’s really innovative and cool. And since Spring is so close they have a lot of very cool and bright colors.

They retail for $21 online at the Tarte website. Which color is your favorite?


A makeup and news without Colourpop wouldn’t be complete. They’re coming out with a new collection, how surprising. Will they ever give us a break? (I don’t think so). It’s called the Nectar collection and part one is launching on March 10th. As always Colourpop is only available on their website.

I have no further details on the price, but we kind of know the general Colourpop prices. Also considering they said this is part one of their Nectar collection, we can get ready for a part two as well. Oh Colourpop, you always give us so much.


Let’s quickly go back to Tarte shall we? They’re coming out with a Skin Mist on March 15th. It’s called the Ready Set Radiant Skin Mist, and it has a cucumber scent. Once again available on their website on the 15th.


Pixi Beauty has really made a name over the last year. I’d never heard from them, but they’ve been everywhere lately. I hope to be able to try some of their products soon.

They released a lot of new products. They came out with a Sun Mist, great for in the summer, and a Vitamin wakeup mist. They also came out with a new peel mask, and a glow mask to give us the glowy skin we all want, especially with Spring and Summer coming up.

Then they introduced the gel tint and silk gloss, new lip products always make my heart beat a little faster. And last but not least, they have 2 sets you can buy called Hello Glow! and Hello Rose! All these products are available on the Pixi website.


That concludes this week’s update. Is there anything you’re excited about and need to pick up, or can you save your money? Let me know and I hope I’ll catch you on the next one.

All the love, Des x


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