Catrice Eyebrow Set | Review


If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you know I have struggles with my eyebrows. I’m not very good at them. I’ve tried all sorts of products: pencils, dipbrow pomades, gels, and now also powders. I have accepted that I’m not the greatest at them, and I have to work with what I can. So I tried a new product over the last couple of weeks. If you’re curious if this worked out for me or if it was a fail, then keep on reading.

I wasn’t happy with my brows, which is mostly why I wanted to try something new. I didn’t like the way they looked. Now I could’ve just tried another color of the ABH Dipbrow, but I wanted to try something new entirely.

I’m letting my hair grow out, which means I have two different hair colors, it’s blonde on like half my hair now and the lower part of my hair is black. I liked my black hair with brown eyebrows, I didn’t want them darker, because that didn’t fit with my pale skin. But now that there is a lot of blonde hair again, I don’t like how the color looks on me.

So it was time for something new, and I decided I wanted to try the Catrice Eyebrow set. Some of my favorite Dutch youtubers like Sarah Rebecca and Vera Camilla have been using it for so long that I thought I’d check it out for myself.

I bought it online at the Kruidvat for €3,99 which is a steal. It comes with two different powders, a light brown and a little darker color. It has a little mirror and it comes with a tiny brush and a tiny pair of tweezers.

This is how the packaging looks. It’s a little black box with the words Catrice Eyebrow Set in white lettering.


At the back of the eyebrow set are some instructions on how to use the powders in English, German and French.


As you can see, there are the powders inside, and a little drawer with the brush and the pair of tweezers.


I made swatches of the two powders so you can see how the powders look on my skin color.


I’ll show you a picture of how my face and eyebrows look when there is nothing on them. As you can see, they are quite light and there isn’t a really nice shape or anything.


Then I took a picture after I used the Catrice Eyebrow set. I mainly used the lightest powder because I thought that color would suit me best. It’s so light, but it does define my brows more, it’s subtle what I actually really liked about it.


As you can see the shape is more defined and the color is just a little darker. I personally think this looks quite nice. I am not the queen of eyebrows and I don’t think I will ever be, but I like how these look. They’re not too much for me, it’s not as dark as they are when I use my ABH dipbrow.

Conclusion: I like this product a lot. The fact that I can make my brows a little more defined, but it’s not as dark as when I use another product is something I really like, especially with my current hair situation. The powders feel perfect, and are easy to work with. And it’s a steal for €3,99. I will definitely continue to use this for my brows, because I’m really happy with how they look.

Rating: 8/10

What is your favorite product to use for your brows? And do you have tips on how to get them to look better? Please let me know down below. And hopefully I’ll see you on the next one.

All the love, Des x


2 thoughts on “Catrice Eyebrow Set | Review

  1. I always prefer Powders to anything else as they are quicker for me in the mornings when I’m in a rush & they fill in my sparse eyebrows nicely. You are lucky that you have nice thick eyebrows, NEVER PLUCK THEM! LOL or you’ll end up like me with no brows that never grow back 😀

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