I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate Golden Bar | Review


“If a product looks this cute, you almost have to buy it?” That’s not what I thought… But okay, maybe it kinda was. I’ve heard of the I Heart Makeup Chocolate Bar before, most of them are dupes for the Too Faced Chocolate Bars. I do own all of those, so I never felt the need to have the I Heart Makeup ones. But when I saw this one, and saw it wasn’t a dupe of anything in particular, I thought that it was my time to shine, and bought it. If you’re curious to see my thoughts on this, then keep on reading.

It looks like a chocolate bar, it smells like chocolate, what more can you want? Besides obviously good quality eyeshadows. I Heart Makeup is a sister brand of Makeup Revolution, I own a few of their products, and I am quite happy with those. I’m also a big Makeup Revolution fan, since their products are affordable and really good quality.

You can buy I Heart Makeup online at the Tam beauty website. It’s an UK website and it delivers internationally.It’s a UK website, and it delivers internationally. The palette retails for €12,58 which seems like a good price considering the amount of shadows you get, and the amazing looking packaging.

I personally bought my palette in store here for a lower price. It was on sale at my local drugstore, and I was lucky enough to grab it.

Let’s get into the palette, or better yet the packaging of the palette. As I said before it’s in the shape of a chocolate bar. It’s brown and has kind of melted chocolate on top.


On the back of the palette there is a sticker with I Heart Makeup on it. It says how long the product should be good for, and where it’s made.


Now let’s look inside of the palette. There is a big mirror inside, which is always a plus.


As you can see, there are two bigger eyeshadow pans. In total there are 16 eyeshadows in this palette. I don’t know if you can see it on the photo, but all the shades in the palette are shimmery, there are no matte shades.


Let’s get into some swatches shall we? I did it row by row. So let’s get into the first row of swatches.


Then we have the second row of color swatched.


And last but not least, the final row of colors swatched on my arm.


What I immediately noticed was the difference in quality, they weren’t consistent. One shade swatched buttery and amazing, and the next one was powdery and more sheer. They might be all shimmery, but they’re definitely not the same type. Some are pure metallic while others are more a satin sort of shadow. The second row of the palette is my favorite one, since most of those colors swatched like a dream and felt the best.

I also made a look with his palette. Normally I would have grabbed another palette with it, because I don’t like to use only shimmer shades for a look. But I thought I would try it for this review.

I started with the third color of the first row in my crease. It blended well, and it was fine to build it up to the intensity I wanted. It wasn’t a metallic shimmer shade, so it actually kind of worked in my crease. Then I used the third color of the third row all over my lid. It’s so buttery and metallic, I love this color so much. I used a flat shader brush for application. I then went into the fifth color of the first row to darken my crease a little. I thought that would look nice. Because of the blending I did, my lid shade was a little faded so I put some more on my lid, and as a finishing touch I added a little of the third color of the second row on the center of my lid for a pop of color.

For my brow bone highlight and the inner corner of my eye, I used the first shade of the first row which looked very gorgeous.


I like how the look turned out, even though I didn’t use any matte shades. The shadows were fine to work with. Some worked better than others, but overall it was fine. Blending was easy, and the shade I used on my lid was so buttery and amazing. I love it.

Conclusion: This palette is good. I think I personally would like it more if there had been a few matte shades, because that makes it a palette for which you don’t need anything else. Now you’re almost forced to grab another palette to use, because there are no matte shades. Besides that, the shadows perform fine, some better than others but overall I’m not disapointed. If you’re looking for a nice palette with shimmers all in the natural trend, then this is perfect, especially considering the price.

Rating: 7/10

Have you ever tried something from I Heart Makeup? And what do you think of this palette? I’ll see you again soon.

All the love, Des x


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