Makeup News and Stuff #7


It’s time for a new article about makeup news. I love writing these, because I love to know all the ins and outs of new releases. I am always surprised how much new makeup comes out, especially around this time of year. Are you curious about these new releases too? Then keep on reading.

Would anyone be surprised if I once again mention Colourpop? They’ve come out with highlighter trios. There are three different versions: one for fair skin, medium skin and deep skin. Each set contains 3 highlighters and retails for $22. You can buy them online at the Colourpop website.

You can also buy the highlighters separately, they will retail for $8 a piece. So you get a box and a $2 discount if you buy the highlighter set. I love that they made different versions for different skin tones, since often especially the deeper ones are forgotten about.


Laura Mercier came out with a new palette called the Lightstruck Prismatic Glow Palette. The palette includes 4 cream highlighters that are suitable for all kinds of different skin tones. You can wear these individually, or mix them together to get your own customized highlight color.

Is the packaging not to die for? This palette retails for $52 at the American Sephora website.Personally I’m not interested in this, since I am not the biggest fan of cream highlighters, but for those who are this might be perfect.


In Makeup News and Stuff #6 I talked about Nars coming out with their highlighting palette. Yesterday they suddenly dropped it on us! It was supposed to come out in march. The Banc De Sable highlighting palette retails for $49, and it’s on the American Sephora website right now.


Wet n Wild dropped their spring collection yesterday in stores like CVS and Walgreens, and their highlighters are to die for. They have 2 shades available: a pink and a lilac one. They’re called: The Sweetest Bling and Lilac To Reality.

I haven’t found out how much they will retail for but knowing Wet n Wild it can’t be much more than $5. Will you be picking up any of these colors?


In Makeup News and Stuff #5 I talked about the glowkit Nicole Guerriero was releasing, in collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills. We have a date! The glowkit will be available online at the American Sephora website and the ABH website on March 3rd.

We also got to see the shades. While I’m so excited and pretty sure I have to have it, they seem a bit dark for my pale skin. Nonetheless the colors are gorgeous, and I’m so happy and proud of Nicole already.


All these were highlighters. You can see the highlighter trend isn’t dying anytime soon. Are you excited for any of these, or planning to pick any of them up? Let me know. I hope I see you on the next one.

All the love, Des x



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