The Nubian Palette | Review


In my November wishlist I told you how I wanted to try the palettes by Juviasplace. I’ve finally been able to grab two of them. My review of the Masquerade palette will come later, since I’m still playing with that one. I have been using the Nubian palette for a bit, so I have my thoughts on that ready. Are you curious to hear those thoughts? Then keep on reading!

Juviasplace has become really well known quite fast. I had never heard of them until around August/September last year. It’s an indie brand who make eyeshadows specifically for WOC (women of color). I think this is amazing, because a lot of makeup isn’t suited for deep skintones, which is a shame and should really change.

I think the first person I saw talking about it was Nikkietutorials, and I was amazed by the pigmentation. Then I saw Eshani (Totalmakeupjunkie101) doing a review about the palettes and I was sold. Especially on her darker complexion the colors looked so amazing. The pigmentation was unreal, so I knew I wanted to have these palettes despite being white myself.

Today I will talk about The Nubian palette. It was the first eyeshadow palette Juviasplace made, and it’s their most wearable one. It’s a neutral palette and includes 12 shades. You can buy this palette only on the Juviasplace website and it retails for $25. I think that is a really amazing price, especially when you know the quality. I will talk about that in a bit.

Let’s get into the packaging, the palette comes in a paper green box. It has 3 women on the front, as you can see it’s a woc. In white lettering it says ‘The Nubian by Juvias’.


On the back of the box there is a little story written about the palette. It says where they got their inspiration from for this palette. You can also find a list of ingredients on the back of the box.


Inside the box you will find the palette. It’s a card box packaging, and it has a magnetic closure.


When you open the palette you see the same picture of the woman as on the front of the palette. There is no mirror in this palette. I personally don’t mind this since I don’t need a mirror in every palette. Then you see the colors, as you can see they’re all very neutral.


If we take a closer look at the colors you can see they have no name on them. Names are always something I look forward to, but it’s not a must have. This palette includes 4 matte shades and 8 shimmery/metallic colors. As you can see this is a very warm toned palette.


Now let’s get into swatches of these colors. I swatched them onto my arm without using a primer. I only did one swipe, since I find that’s the best wsy to show how these shadows look. The first picture are the first 8 colors, and the last picture has the last 4 colors.




As you can see these shadows are very pigmented. I was really blown away by the shadows. Especially the matte colors performed really well, which is not always the case. Metallic shades are often more pigmented, but I was happy to see these mattes seem to be really pigmented as well. As always, the real test is to try these shades out on my eyes, so I made a look using this palette. Let’s see how that turned out, yes?



The first shade I used was the second shade of the first row. I used it in my crease, and then I went over it with the third shade of the first row to make it a little bit warmer. I put the fourth shade on the second row all over my eye lid, and to darken up the outer corner of my eye I used the fourth color of the third row. On my lower lash line I used a little bit of the second color of the first row, and to darken it up a little bit of the last color of the third row.

My inner corner was the only thing I didn’t use from this palette, mostly because there wasn’t a color light enough for me. So I grabbed the highlighter I was wearing on my face from the ABH Moonchild palette and used that.

Now these shadows are amazing. These are some of the best shadows I have ever used. They are extremely pigmented, but if used too much you can easily blend them out. They are so easy to work it, I’m seriously so impressed.

Conclusion: This palette is amazing, I can’t believe it only costs $25. The price is so incredible for the quality of these shadows, I can totally understand why Juviasplace has gotten so much hype if their other palettes are as amazing as this one. I totally love the fact that this is made for woc. You can see that because the shades are darker than other neutral palettes, but for me and my pale skintone it’s still wearable. I’m a big fan and can’t wait to start playing with my Masquerade palette.

Rating: 9/10

Have you ever tried any of the Juviasplace palettes and if so, what did you think of them? See you again soon.

All the love, Des x


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