Makeup News and Stuff #6


Another week has passed, and in beauty land that means there have been some new things coming out, or will be coming out soon. As always I’m here to keep you updated on them, so if you want to know about upcoming releases then keep on reading.

Nars is coming out with a new palette. It seems like everyone at least has one product from Nars they love. I personally haven’t tried any of their products yet, but hopefully I will be able to in the future.

In March they’re coming out with a highlighter palette called “BancDeSable”, and it will contain three different shades. It will retail for $49, and will be available online at Sephora.


BH Cosmetics is a great affordable brands. They have really good and affordable brushes, and I have tried some of their eyeshadow palettes and I was really surprised by the quality. They’re coming out with a new concealer in their Studio Pro range.

The concealer will be available in 18 different shades which I think is great, since it covers a lot of different skin colors. There is no release date yet, but they’re set to release somewhere next week on the BH Cosmetics website. Knowing BH they will be affordable, as always.


A couple of weeks ago I told you Too Faced was coming out with highlighters. They finally released them! The packaging and the colors are to die for, I wish I could buy them all.

There are 3 permanent shades available: BlindedByTheLight, RayOfLight and YouLightUpMyLife and they retail for $30 each.


A couple of weeks ago Colourpop released their pressed shadows, and they’re not stopping. I told you about their Valentine’s day collection, and the cute duo eyeshadows they were releasing, luckily they also released them as singles.

So we have the singles of the Valentine’s Day collection, plus some more new shades they came out with. I am loving the olive green ones, hopefully I can buy some of them soon, I want to try them so badly. The pressed eyeshadows retail for $5 each and are available on the Colourpop website.


I also told you about the new highlighter Jefree Star was releasing. It’s called Siberian Gold, and it’s supposed to be a lighter version of his King Tut highlighter. It was released, and is now available online at the Jeffree Star website and online at Beautylish. The highlighter retails for $29 just as all his other colors.


That was it for this week’s news on releases and new beauty items. If you want to know more, then do follow my blog, and I’ll see you on the next one!

All the love, Des x



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