Makeup News and Stuff #4


It’s already time for another post about the latest makeup news. Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, a lot of brands are bringing out something new in their collection. If you’re curious to see what, then keep on reading.

Sugarpill Cosmetics is a brand I have never tried something from before. They are known for their eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks. For Valentine’s Day they are coming out with a limited edition collection.

The Feline Fancy set will include an eyeshadow palette with 4 different colors, and a liquid lipstick in a metallic finish in a bright red color. It will be launched on the 1st of February of the Sugarpill website for $48.


Surprise, surprise! Colourpop is also going to release something for Valentine’s Day. I feel all Colourpop has been doing lately is blessing us with new releases, give us some time to recover please!!

We don’t know much about this yet, except that it is for Valentine’s Day, so it will be launching pretty soon. Prices and a date aren’t out yet, but I’ll make sure to mention it in my next update. Knowing Colourpop, it will be their usual prices though.

Staying with Colourpop, they recently came out with new formulas of the color Aquarius. Kathleenlights came out with the Aquarius lippiestix and lipliner a while ago, and for her birthday they made an ultra satin, matte and glossy version. You can now buy those three on the Colourpop website in a bundle for $15.


CoverFX became really known for being the first brand to come out with a liquid highlighter. And when I say liquid I mean liquid. I haven’t tried them, but they have been hyped all over the beauty community when they launched their first shades a while back. Now they’re coming out with new shades and these are a bit more unusual.

The three new shades will launch on February 19th, and will probably cost as much as the original ones, which retail for $42. You can buy them online at their website.


Where there’s a holiday there is Kylie. She’s going all out for Valentine’s Day. I will list the prices below so you can see if you’re interested, since the collection is launching February 2nd.

She’s coming out with a mini liquid lipstick kit with the shades: Apricot, Maliboo, High Maintenance, Posie K, Head Over Heels and Mary Jo K. The set has 3 brand new shades in it, Apricot, High Maintenance and Head Over Heels. The set will retail for $36.

Then she’s coming out with Kylie’s Diary, which will include nine eyeshadows and two blushes. The kit will also include a mirror! This palette will retail for $54.

She will bring out three eyeshadow sets with two shades in them, they’re called: KissMe, Smooch and SweetHeart. Those will also include two lipcolors. These are going to be retailing for $22.

The final thing she’s coming out with are two brand new lipkits. The shade names are called Valentine and Head Over Heels (yes the same one as the mini liquid). These will retail for 30$, and will include a liquid lipstick and a lipliner.








Don’t these all look gorgeous? I wish I could buy this all, but sadly I can’t. Are you going to try to pick up any of these items? Let me know. I hope to see you on the next one.

All the love, Des x

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