Koko Kollection by Kylie Cosmetics | Review


The Koko Kollection by Kylie cosmetics was limited edition last year, and I got my hands on it. Even though they said it’s limited edition, they decided to bring it back one more time. I have no idea how long it’ll be available, but it is for sale right now on the KylieCosmetics website. If you want to know if it’s worth picking up, then keep on reading..

The Koko Kollection by Kyliecosmetics was a limited edition collection brought out last November. The collection was in collaboration with Kylie’s sister Khloe, and was made especially as a limited holiday set. After the initial release there have been a few restocks, but it was set to never come back.

Recently however Kylie has said that the Koko Kollection would return one final time. It has returned and therefore I thought to give a review so you can decide wether you want to pick it up or not.

The Koko Kollection retails for $40. You can only buy this product online at kyliecosmetics. The set contains 3 liquid lipsticks and 1 gloss.

The packaging of the Kollection is gorgeous, both the packaging and the lipsticks. The gorgeous golden packaging makes the lipsticks look so fancy, I’m a fan.


The back of the set tells you the shade names and the ingredients both for the liquids and the gloss.


Isn’t the packaging absolutely stunning? I know it doesn’t really matter how a product looks, it’s about how it performs, but for me personally it gets an extra point for the packaging.


Lets get into swatches of the colors. I’ll tell you quickly which colors are in this set.

Okurrr is a vibrant fuchsia.
Gorg is a red burgundy wine.
Khlo$ is a cool yellow nude.
Damn Gina is a soft shimmering peachy-pink gloss.


From top to bottom we have: Okurrr, Gorg, Khlo$ and Damn Gina. As you can see these are extremely pigmented, especially the liquids. As to be expected the gloss is less pigmented, but surprisingly there comes a lot of pigment on my arm when I swatched Damn Gina.

I swatched all the colors on my lips as usual, so let’s get into full face pictures so we can see how they look. The first color I’m wearing is Khlo$, it’s the perfect nude on my skin. It was very opaque, I only needed one layer and it dried up quickly. It stays on perfectly while drinking and eating, and didn’t feel dry on my lips.


I was afraid Gorg would be patchy, because most darker colors are, but surprisingly it was’t. I only applied one layer and it dried opaque. I love this color, I’m m a big fan of darker lipsticks because I think they really suit me. I had no problems with Gorg either, it wore the same for me as Khlo$ did.


Is there anything better than a pink lipstick? No, in my opinion there isn’t. Unsurprisingly Okurrr is my favorite color from this collection. The color is so vibrant, so opaque and for some reasons feels more comfortable on the lips as the other two. I’m a big fan of this color, you can never have too many pinks!


And the last color is the gloss in Damn Gina. I’m only wearing the gloss here, and while it’s pretty, it’s not really my thing. It’s not sticky so that’s a plus, but there’s just not enough pigmentation for me. I would wear this over a lipliner or another (liquid) lipstick.


Overall I’m really impressed by the quality of this collection. The liquids wear well and aren’t drying, and the gloss is not sticky. For 40$ I think it’s a good value.

Conclusion: Wether you’re a fan of Khloe or you just really love the colors inside this collection, I think it’s worth picking up. The colors wear beautifully, and you get different colors: nudes, bright and darks. The value of the set is also really good, basically you pay $10 per lipstick.

Rating: 8/10

Have you ever tried something by Kylie Cosmetics? And what do you think of this Koko Kollection? Talk to you soon.

All the love, Des x

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