Wishlist | January 2017


Today I bring you my January wishlist. My fist wishlist post of 2017, always special. I feel like there have been so many new makeup releases this month, and knowing myself I’ll want everything. So without me rambling on, let’s get into this blog post.

In my Makeup News and Stuff #1, which you can read here, I told you Juviasplace was coming out with a new palette. Back then I didn’t know a release date yet, now I do!

The Saharan palette comes out on January 28th and wil retail for $28. As expected, another reasonable price. I love how affordable the Juviasplace palettes are. For some reason this palette speaks to me, although all their palettes do. I already own two of them, which I will definitely do reviews on in the future, but I really want this one as well.

Both the packaging as well as the colors inside the palette are gorgeous. As you can see below it’s absolutely stunning. Are you thinking about picking it up?


Des the lipstick addict strikes once again. I’m curious about two lip palettes. Now I don’t actually own a lip palette, I’m more a fan of individual lipsticks. I do have the BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo palette, which has a lip palette on one side. When I heard Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with a palette, I was immediately intrigued because you just don’t see a lot of lip palettes.

The lip palette retails for $48. This is quite expensive, but you do get 18 shades inside the palette. They also have the primary colors so you can mix and match to make your own favorite lip colors. Something which I personally really like. Aren’t the colors just stunning?


Now lets continue with a more affordable option. Freedom, a sister company of Makeup Revolution, also came out with lip palettes. They have three different versions, a nude, red and dark version.

Each palette contains 24 colors and retails for €13,99 on the Tambeauty website. The big difference with the ABH palette is that these are selected by color type while the ABH one has all kinds of different colors. Then again you could buy all three for €41,00 which is cheaper than the ABH one.

I personally would really like to try the red one because the colors look pretty and I am a fan of bright lipsticks. They all look very interesting.




Makeup brushes are very important for a good makeup application. Most of my brushes are from Morphe, and for me they work perfectly. I still don’t have a really good eyeshadow shader brush. I use a lot of Colourpop shadows, and for those I mostly use my fingers. I often use my fingers for lid shadows anyways. But it would be nice if I had a good brush for it.

Mac brushes are highly talked about. I am sure they’re really good, but the price is just ridiculous in my opinion. For one big Mac brush like a powder or blush brush you pay €45. I can buy multiple brushes from Morphe for that price.

Because I watch a lot of youtube videos I hear a lot of people talk about different kind of brushes. The Mac 242 brush is one of the most popular shader brushes, and since I want to invest in a good shader brush I am going to put it on my wishlist.

You can buy the brush at the Maccosmetics website and it retails for €27,00.


What is your favorite brush brand? Let me know down below! It was fun to share my wishlist for this month. What are you most excited for? I’ll talk to you soon!

All the love, Des x


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