Jouer Best of Nudes | Review


Today I’m doing a review of the Jouer best of Nudes set. While the set is not available anymore, you can buy all the shades in this set separately. If you like them, you can buy them in the full size version. So if you want to hear my opinion on these Jouer Lip Cremes, then keep on reading.

This Best of Nudes set came out in November. Now I’m the worst and so behind with reviews and stuff, but I still wanted to review this. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Jouer Lip Cremes. People say they are one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks out there. As a liquid lipstick lover myself I was obviously very curious.

When I heard this set was coming out I thought it would be a good way to try a few different Jouer Lip Cremes without buying full sizes. I bought mine at the cultbeauty and it retailed for £38.

The best of Nudes set includes 7 deluxe size mini’s of their best selling nude lip cremes, plus their liptopper in Skinny Dip. I’ll tell you which shades are in the set and what kind of color they are according to the Jouer website.

Skinny Dip: A metallic shimmering golden nude
Terra: Matte neutral deep ochre
Buff: Matte warm peachy nude
Dulche de Leche: Matte cool nude
Papaye: Metallic warm peach
Noisette: Matte warm chocolate brown
Melon: Matte warm pink nude
Creme Brulee: Matte warm nude

I liked the fact that there was a metallic lip creme in it and a lip topper. I did notice that some of the colors really looked alike. I’d rather had that there were some different colors in it, but as this is a best of nudes set I do get that they were all a bit alike.

Let’s get into the packaging of the set. It has a beautiful packaging, with gold details, very much into the holiday spirit.



Doesn’t it look gorgeous? Here you have a picture below of all the shades next to each other. I included a picture where I swatch all the colors on my arm.


From top to bottom we have: Creme Brulee, Melon, Noisette, Papaye, Dulche de Leche, Buff, Terra and Skinny Dip. As you can see by the swatches some of them look really alike. You’ll see especially on the face pictures that some of them aren’t that different looking.


Now let’s continue with full face pictures so you can see all the shades on my lips. The first picture I’m wearing is Terra.


Because Skinny Dip is a lip topper I decided to wear it on top of another one. I’m wearing Terra here and put Skinny Dip on top. This is the result, I love the look.


Even though I am very pale, I’m not sure if I like this one. It looks so pale even on me, and I’m just not the biggest fan of it. Here I am wearing Buff.


Dulche de Leche is a pretty color, it’s kind of like your lips, but better color. I think it looks very flattering on me.


Papaye is the only metallic one in this set. While it’s a gorgeous color, I don’t think it’s good to wear on its own. Maybe if you put a lip liner under it, it could work. But I personally think it would work better on top of a nude or a pinky nude lipstick. The metallicness in this lipstick is so pretty though.


Noisette is probably my favorite out of all of them. For some reason I’m just a big fan of brown lipsticks. I think they look really good on me and my skin tone. It also kind of gives “don’t mess with me” vibes, and I’m all for that.


Melon is also very pretty, it reminds me a lot of Dulche de Leche, you almost don’t see the difference between them.


And the final color of this set is Creme Brulee. Obviously this is also a nude but more on the peachy side. I once again like this color, not my favorite but I would definitely wear it.


I think the Jouer Lip Cremes are really good. Almost all of them were really opaque and easy to apply. Only Buff was slightly patchy but after 3 layers I got it to look opaque on me. I think this was the perfect way to try some of the Jouer Lip Cremes. These stay in place for a long time. You can drink and eat without it transferring, although with food it does fade a little, but every liquid lipstick does with me.

Conclusion: This was the perfect way to try all kind of different shades of the Jouer Lip Cremes. Of course it were mostly the nudes, but you could figure out if you liked them. I did expect them to be a bit bigger since these are really tiny. But I didn’t mind. These are very comfortable on the lips, unlike some other liquid lipsticks. I want to try more of these in the future, especially some brighter colors, to see if those are just as opaque as the nudes.

Rating: 8/10

Have you ever tried the Jouer Lip Cremes and if so what is your opinion on them? Let me know down below, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

All the love, Des x

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