Makeup News and Stuff #2


Here I am with a new ‘makeup news and stuff’ post. There is so much new stuff coming out all the time that it’s hard to keep up. Today I’ll tell you about some of them, including about one of the releases that was announced and already came out a few days later. Curious to know about the upcoming makeup releases? Then keep on reading.

The first one is Colourpop! Is anyone surprised about this? Why do they keep coming out with all this new stuff? According to Colourpop it’s their biggest launch yet. They announced it on Tuesday, and it was already released on Friday so this is a bit late, but I thought I’d include it, because it’s Colourpop.

Pressed eyeshadows! After their amazing super shock shadows they decided to go the pressed eye shadow route. They released 24 different shades and they retail for $5. They are just pans so you can put them in your own z-palette. Right now, if you buy four eyeshadows you get a free palette to put them in.

Surprisingly enough I haven’t bought anything yet (I’m on a no buy, remember?). But I’m curious to see how they are. So far the first reviews I have heard have been positive. Unsurprisingly Colourpop slays again.


Becca Cosmetics is going to bring more glow into our lives. The picture looks so pretty, not only the shade of the Prismatic Amethyst is gorgeous, the tiny bit of the packaging we see looks absolutely gorgeous as well!

There isn’t any information about the launch date, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.


As we know, matte lipsticks are totally hot right now. Mac is coming out with 28 new shades! They will release every color imaginable. The Mac Colour Rocker collection will have 28 matte lipsticks, it’ll come out on January 26th in the USA, both online and in stores. Hopefully those of us in Europe won’t have to wait too long for the collection.


I personally have never tried anything from Lorac, but it’s a brand I always have my eyes on. They’re coming out with a new eyeshadow palette called CaliforniaDreaming. The palette includes 12 eyeshadows and comes online on January 19th.


Makeup Geek has been on a roll lately. At the end of last year they came out with three kinds of different matte and creamy lipsticks, and in February they come out with foiled glosses! There will be 10 different shades, and I for one am really curious about these, can’t wait to see how they are!


So much exciting stuff! I’m sad I’m on a no buy. Are you planning on picking any of these up? Let me know!

All the love, Des x


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