MsSparkleBoutique Nail Polish Aladdin | Review


Today I have another nail polish review. I love everything nails, but most of the time I’m not too motivated to do something with them. I was scrolling through etsy a couple of weeks ago when I stumbled upon this little shop called MsSparkleBoutique. I saw they send from the Netherlands which is perfect for me since it wouldn’t cost me a fortune to get them. They had such a wide range of colors that I decided to buy some. If you’re curious to hear my opinion on this polish, then keep on reading.

So MsSparkleBoutique is a shop on Etsy that sells all kinds of nail polishes. I was immediately drawn to it because of how many beautiful colors there were. I decided to start slow because I know myself, and can get kind of enthusiastic if I find something I really like.

The color I’m talking about today is called Aladdin. I see it’s sadly not in stock anymore when I’m writing this, but hopefully this color will come back.

When I bought this polish I had a choice out of two different sizes. A 6ml and a 10ml bottler. I chose for the 10ml bottle, it costs $8,44.

Below you see some pictures of the bottle. It’s a cute bottle, it may sound weird but I just really like the shape of it. On the front there is a purple sticker with “Ms. Sparkle” on it in white lettering and under it, it says “handmade nail polish”.


The back of the polish is completely empty, you can see the color through the glass bottle.


On the bottom of the polish there is a handmade sticker, it’s written in handwriting and it says the name of the shade. In this case Aladdin.


Usually on the back of polishes you find the ingredients, in this case I got a separate note with the ingredients named on it. Everything was perfectly wrapped so there was no way of breaking.

Before I post pictures of my nails I do have to say I posted a picture on Instagram where the owner wrote a reply, and told me it would look even better if you coat your nails black and then put this on top. I didn’t do that, but just keep it in mind while looking at the pictures.

These are two coats of polish, after one coat it was sheer, two was perfect for me. The color looks kind of green/gold. The bits of sparkles are all different kind of colors and sizes which makes the color so unique in my opinion.



I absolutely love this color, it’s so unique and pretty. I can’t wait to try and see how it looks on top of the color black. I have a feeling it will look even prettier then. The brush of the polish picked up the perfect amount of product and wasn’t too small or too big.

I am not the perfect person to check how long a polish lasts. Most of my polishes chip after only one day of wearing. I probably just hit my hands very often, that’s the only explanation for me. I’ve tried numerous brands, but most of them just don’t stay put. However this one didn’t chip on me the first day, so I was already happy with that.

I bought another polish which I will soon wear and write a review about, stay tuned for that. Have you ever tried any of these polishes?

All the love, Des

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