Makeup News and Stuff #1

heSince there is always new stuff coming out, I thought it would be fun to write a post about upcoming releases once in a while. Depending on when things get released, of course. So if you’re curious to read more then stay with me.

It’s eyeshadow galore lately. Let’s start with Kylie cosmetics, she’s coming out with a new palette called the Royal Peach Palette. It’s available on January 12th on Different than her other palettes is the fact that this palette will have a mirror and a brush. I was surprised you only pay $3 more than usual. This palette will retail for $45.

C1nhU-TVEAAnfnK (1).jpg

Juviasplace is also coming out with another palette. They already have 3 palettes which are absolutely stunning. Their new one is called the Saharan palette, and it’s available this week for pre order. I don’t think a price has been confirmed, but knowing their prices it won’t be too expensive.


I’m a big fan of everything beautyblender related. I love to watch videos where people test different kind of sponges to see if they compare to the real one. Evieblender just came out with a new makeup sponge made out of silicone, and it’s available in different shapes, colors and textures. It costs $28, are you curious about this?


Last but not least, Jeffree Star posted a sneak peek of something new. He posted a picture of himself wearing a brand new highlighter. The name is SiberianGold and it’s going to be a new skin frost. There’s nothing else known yet right now. While on the topic of Jeffree Star, he also revealed he is working on concealers, lots of different colors (25) that should be coming out this year. Are you excited yet?


Let me know if this is something you like or not. I thought it was fun to do something different for once. Talk to you soon!

All the love, Des


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