Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette | Review


This palette came out a while ago. It was crazy hard to get your hands on but I got it, and I never did a review on it because I kind of forgot. But recently it has been restocked at which means my European readers can get their hands on it again. If you want to know if it’s worth to buy this palette, then keep on reading.

I think most people in the beauty community have heard of Jaclyn Hill. She’s a well known youtuber. I have been subscribed to her channel for a while, and love her videos. She has done a collab with Becca before, she made a highlighter called Champagne Pop. I never tried it, but it has been a raved about product, a lot of people loved it.

Becca and Jaclyn collabed again to make this Champagne Collection face palette. Back when the palette first came out there was also an eye palette released, but because of lacking quality and some other things it was pulled back. A good and brave decision I think, of both the Becca brand and Jaclyn herself. They didn’t want to continue selling a dull product.

Now to talk about this product. When it was first released it sold out really fast. It has been extremely difficult to get your hands on. To be honest with you, I don’t even remember how I got it.

Let’s first talk about the packaging. As you can see the packaging is very pretty. It’s a card box with gold and white details on it. In the middle you find a round white detail, on it you see Becca written and Jaclyn Hill in the middle.


On the back of the outer packaging you find a picture of Jaclyn and a message from her. I always love when collabs do that, it’s nice to hear something personal from the person who made it. At the left downside you find the colors and the names.


I think the packaging of the face palette is absolutely stunning. It’s a compact yet very strong kind of tin. I don’t know the exact material, but it’s great to travel with. The palette itself is white and has gold details on it. In the middle you have Becca written and Jaclyn Hill in gold letters.


The back of the palette is gold and has a white sticker on it. The lettering on it is gold again. The shade names, the name of the palette and the address of Becca Cosmetics are written on it.


When you open the palette, the first thing you see is the gigantic mirror. Well done Becca and Jaclyn! This makes this palette perfect to travel with. I love it when palettes do this, especially a face palette. The inside of the packaging is all gold, and on the left downside is written Becca and Jaclyn Hill again, now in white lettering.


m going to be honest, the colors look a bit different, could be because of my flash or because of the editing. Keep in mind they’re all a little bit darker, especially the top middle color. The top row are blushes, from left to right we have: Rosé Spritz, Amaretto and Pamlemousse. The two bottom shades are highlighters. From left to right we have: Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop.


The left picture is normal light and the left is with flash. From top to bottom we have: Prosecco Pop, Champagne Pop, Pamplemousse, Amaretto and Rosé Spritz.

Rosé Spritz is a bright pink blush with a strong gold metallic sheen. It’s the most metallic blush out of the three blushes and also the brightest. On my face it looks quite bright depending on how much you apply, but I’ve read on darker skin tones it might pull a bit more coral than pink.

Amaretto is kind of a medium rose brown color. It’s hard to describe, it’s very unique. It has a very slight golden sheen in it. While it’s quite dark on my skin, it’s perfectly wearable with a light hand.

Pamplemousse is another pink blush, but this one is more of a medium dark pink. It has a satin finish and is extremely pigmented. Please use a light hand with this blush, a little bit goes a very long way.

Champagne Pop is a quite warm peachy highlighter. It has almost a frosty finish, and if you use a little you already have a lot. So if you want to shine like a diamond this one is the way to go.

Prosecco Pop is a little darker than Champagne Pop and has more of a yellow undertone to it. It’s a medium gold and has also a frost finish. If you swatch them next to each other they look quite similar, but they are different enough to spot the difference.

Conclusion: Overall I think Jaclyn and Becca did an amazing job with this palette. It’s available at for €54,- Which I think is a fair price for the amount of product you get. Everything is really good quality. I’d never tried anything from Becca before, but this definitely encourages me to try more of their products in the future.

Rating: 8/10

Let me know if you have this palette, are thinking about picking it up, or any other Becca products that you like. Speak to you soon!

All the love, Des x






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