2016 Lip Color Favorites


When your blog name is lipsticksworld, of course you have to make a separate post about your favorite lip products. I have bought a lot of these this year. I love buying a new lip color. Whether it’s a lipstick or a liquid lipstick, I don’t mind. I can’t have enough colors, and finding a new one is always a challenge. If you are curious to know why these lip colors have been my favorite in 2016, then please keep reading.

I’m starting of with one of my favorite brands: NYX. Their makeup is pretty affordable, and they have so many products! They have a lot of lip products as well, and there are still plenty more that I want to try, but over the past year I’ve fallen in love with their Soft Matte Lip Creams.

They can be called a liquid lipstick, but not like your typical one. It does dry matte, but it’s not transfer proof. Personally I don’t mind, because it means they are so comfortable on my lips which is a plus. Their shade range is huge, from nudes to pinks to dark colors, they have it all. I have about 10 colors, but my favorite of the year must have been Prague. It’s kind of a berry purple color, I like how it looks on me, and it’s very comfortable. Keep doing you NYX, your Soft Matte Lip Creams rock.



Let’s continue with an actual lipstick. Mac lipsticks are popular, I think they have always been. Personally I don’t own many of them, I think it’s because when I got into makeup I was all about liquid lipsticks, but I do own 2 or 3. They are quite expensive, I believe €19,50, but I do think they are worth their money. It’s all about whether you’re willing or are able to spend it of course.

The range of colors Mac has is amazing. They have so many, from mattes to satins to creme sheens, they have it all. Pretty amazing isn’t it? The color Twig is a brown color with a hint of pink in it. I love the color, for me it’s the perfect everyday color. You can match it with pretty much every makeup look. It has a satin finish which means semi matte. I’m really happy with this lipstick, and I’m sure it will also be a favorite in 2017.



Colourpop has probably been my discovery of 2016. What an amazing brand! I’m totally in love with their stuff. Their eyeshadows and lippiestix are amazing. They have so many different colors and finishes, you have plenty to choose from. Their matte formula is my favorite one because most of those stay on really long, which I love.

Poppin is a bright pink color, right up my alley. It’s not too orange toned, which is what I don’t like in my pink lips. The packaging is from their so many million instagram followers I believe, that’s why it’s all pink, if you order it now it’s in their original white packaging. Pink is my favorite color to wear, and I also think it suits me really well, so that’s why this one is a favorite.



Not surprisingly my next favorite lip color is another lippiestix from colourpop. Where Poppin was a matte bright color, this one is the opposite. Lumiere was created by Kathleenlights and is a dusty mauve pink color. It looks really nice on me, I fear it might not be suited for really dark skin tones though.

I love that it’s a creme finish because it’s so comfortable on the lips. It has a bit of a shine which make your lips look a little bit bigger. I think this is a good every day color for a lot of people.




And we have already arrived at the final lip color of the post. I have been doubting if I should add this, because I’d been doubting for a while if I still want to use this. I’m talking about Prom Night by Jeffree Star. Ever since I wore it for the first time I fell in love with it, it’s the brightest pink I’ve ever had and I love the way it looks.

As we probably all know, everyone has an opinion on Jeffree’s products, and him as a person. I have too. I’ve been doubting whether or not I want to continue to buy his products. The point is, I know my feelings regarding Jeffree as a person, but they have nothing to do with how I feel about the makeup. His liquid lipsticks are the best ones on the market in my opinion. Then I started to think about other companies I buy makeup from. I don’t know the people behind those companies, and I buy their stuff as well, they also might be people I don’t like. After that I decided that for me, it’s about the product, not the person. I don’t like him, but I like his makeup, so I’ll continue to buy it.

Prom Night has been my absolute favorite color of the year. It’s a pink liquid lipstick that is comfortable and stays on all day without getting ugly. I just love it so much.



I do have to say, especially Prom Night doesn’t look as bright and amazing on a photo as it does in real life. But you get the idea of the colors.

What did you think of these lipsticks, and what have been your favorites? Let me know.

All the love, Des




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