2016 Makeup Favorites


Hello everybody! First let me wish you all a very happy 2017. I hope it will be a good year for everyone, and that it brings you whatever you wish for. 2016 is the year I started this blog, and I’m still very happy I did.

First let’s talk about the obvious: my new blog name. I just didn’t like having my name in my blog url. And since I knew I wanted something with lipstick still in it, Lipsticksworld was born. I hope it isn’t too confusing for you, and that you like the change of course.

2016 was the year I really started getting into makeup. I’ve always owned some makeup, I’ve been wearing mascara since I was in high school, but not much more than that. I started seeing tutorials on youtube, and those seemed so much fun I thought I would buy some makeup. I started reading other people’s blogs and I really loved it. I started to experiment with makeup and decided I loved it, and why couldn’t I make a blog about it? Sure I am no professional and not even half as good as most people, but for fun, why not?

So the idea for this blog started and I did it. I had no expectations and I still mostly do this for myself. It’s hard to get noticed, and I still have no idea how I would even do that. Also I don’t have the resources to become bigger, since cameras are expensive, and just not something I can afford. But as I said this is all for fun, I love writing about makeup. And if even one person reads my reviews and likes it, I’m a happy bee.

To start the new year, I thought I would make a post with my favorite products of 2016. I just chose a few that came to mind when thinking about good products. I’ll have a separate blog post talking about my favorite lip colors from 2016, it will be coming up next after this.

Anyways, let’s get into the products! The first product I want to talk about is the Stila One Step Correct Primer, I wrote a review about it, so if you want, you can read it here.

It works so well for my skin. I put it on before my foundation and it color corrects my skin, I don’t have as much redness anymore. I really like it and think it’s not talked about enough in the beauty community.


Let’s continue with eyeshadows! One of my favorite brands is Too Faced, I love their eyeshadow palettes. My favorite this year has been the original Chocolate Bar. I love the quality of Too Faced eyeshadows, I think they’re really good. The Chocolate Bar is a great neutrals palettes with a few pops of color. It has a good variety between shimmers and mattes and I like to make looks with it.

The palette is easy to use, the shadows blend beautifully and I just think it’s a great buy. If you’re on the hunt for a neutrals palette, I would definitely recommend it.


To stay on the topic of eyeshadows, there’s also MakeupGeek. I love them so much, their eyeshadows are probably my favorite of all time. When I first heard everyone talking about them I thought they were probably just overrated, but after trying them I can say they’re absolutely amazing! Their range of color is amazing. Their mattes are amazing, they blend out so perfectly. The foiled eyeshadows they make are like butter, I have never felt anything so soft. The fact that these shadows only cost between $5 and $10 blows my mind. If you don’t have these, you need them in your life, trust me.


The product I have the most trouble with finding is foundation. Almost every single one of them is too dark for me. Talk about frustrating! Now the only one that’s only a teeny bit too dark for me is the Loréal Magic Lumi Cushion Foundation. I think 2016 was probably the year cushion foundations became a thing, because a lot of brands came out with them.

I personally like the concept of the cushion foundations and like how the Loréal one looks on me. It gives me pretty light coverage, but I don’t always need high coverage. It has a luminous finish which works perfectly on my dry skin. I really enjoy this foundation, and wear it very often.


Concealer is another one of those products I have trouble finding. Since I am so pale, I can almost never find a shade I can use to highlight with. And since I have a lot of dark circles, I like to have a concealer that gives me a lot of coverage.

The Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer works perfectly for me. Now it’s not light enough to highlight with, but I just use a brightening under eye powder for that. The coverage it gives is perfect for me. Plus it doesn’t crease, something that often happens with me. For an affordable concealer, I think this is a very good one.


I hate my eyebrows, there I said it. Therefore I really don’t like doing my eyebrows either. The only product that makes it a little bit easier for me is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown. I like the way the product works. I have also tried the Colourpop one, and while I still use that one, it’s too creamy for me and I prefer the ABH one.

I’m not sure if Soft Brown is the perfect color for me, but for now I will keep using it. In the future I’ll probably try the colors Blonde since I have non existent eyebrows. While this pomade is quite expensive, it’s absolutely worth it for me.


Finding the right bronzer color is always a challenge. It can’t be too orange but also not too grey, not too dark but also not so light that it seems you have nothing on your face. Well I have found my perfect one! The Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer works perfectly for me.

The color of that bronzer is perfect for my skin tone and to top is all off, it smells like chocolate!!! Too Faced has become one of my favorite brands in the past years, mainly because of their eyeshadows and this bronzer, I love it. They also have darker versions for people with darker skin tones.


I love blush, it’s one of those things that can really make or break a look in my opinion. I always thought it would make me look like a clown, but that’s not the case at all, unless I go wild of course. One of the most talked about blushes is the Milani blush in the color Luminose, as many said the perfect peach color.

Now I agree, it’s the perfect blush for a lot of different skin tones. It’s affordable, the packaging looks very pretty because of the gold, and the blush itself is gorgeous. I’m very happy I tried it and can call it one of my favorite everyday blushes.


And we’re at the final product, it’s a contour product. Contouring is a thing nowadays, I had no idea what it was until I searched it and figured it out. You have a lot of palettes, especially the higher end ones, like the Kat von D Shade and Light palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette. Those are all expensive, but these days the drugstore has come a long way and gives us plenty of contouring options.

Makeup Revolution is an amazing affordable brand. They have a lot of good products, their eyeshadows are amazing. The Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette has 8 different shades and the quality is so good. Extremely buttery powders, not too pigmented but pigmented enough to contour those cheeks. The highlight in that palette is also out of this world, an icy white color that will blind the people around you.


These were my favorite products of the year 2016. Of course I have enjoyed more products, and now that I think about it… the big thing I really miss on this list is my Anastasia Glowkit, but you can’t name every single product you own.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what some of your favorite products have been. My next post will be about my favorite lip colors of the year 2016, so stay tuned for that.

All the love, Des



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