Gleam by Melanie Mills Lip Radiance | Review


Hi everyone! Today I have a review about a product I received in my Styletone Beauty Box. It’s the Gleam Lip Radience by Melanie Mills. If you are curious to see what my thoughts are on this product, keep on reading.

I received the Gleam Lip Radience in my July Styletone box. You can find them online at melaniemillshollywood for $24. At the moment they are having a sale, it’s 50% off which means the price is down to $12!

Below you can see what Melanie Mills writes on their website about the lip radience.

« Infused with natural botanicals, Lip Radiance is a highly-pigmented, lasting gloss that improves lip texture and adds couture color.

  • The ultimate blend of natural ingredients including Vitamin E, jojoba oil and aloe vera
  • Long wearing, moisture rich, highly pigmented, not sticky, anti feathering
  • Gorgeous couture colors to enhance & compliment all skin tones and women of all ages.
  • A perfect lipstick and lipgloss fusion »

The color I have is called Up Against The Wall, it’s a dark brown with a strong red undertone. There are 7 different other shades in this particular range. The line varies from a nude, to reds and purples.

This is how the packaging of the product looks. It has a dough foot applicator as most lip glosses have.


The packaging gives you a luxurious feeling. Obviously $24 is more than you would pay for an average lip gloss. I’ve looked around on the website, and this brand is definitely luxurious. Not as high end as some of the more expensive ones, but higher end then a lot of other brands.

The product applies very easily on your lips. I had to dip my wand into the product 2 times to coat my entire lips. The pigmentation is really good, it covers my lips, which isn’t always the case with lip glosses. This is how the product looks on my lips and a full face picture.



That’s not my most flattering picture, but you get the idea. While I really like the color of the lip gloss, I don’t like the feel of it, I hate the way it feels on my lips. I have nothing against lip glosses, but this one is so sticky. I don’t mind if it sticks a little, but this was just so excessive that it really bothered me.

The worst thing of all though is the smell. I don’t mind smells most of the time, because once you’ve applied it the smell usually goes away. That’s not the case with this. It smells so horrible, even after you’ve applied it, I just kept smelling it. Once I’d applied it to my lips I also get this horrible taste in my mouth which I thought was quite strange. It was so awful I had to take this product off after 15 minutes, I just couldn’t deal with the taste.

Conclusion: I like the color of this lipgloss but that’s where the good things end. The gloss is sticky, and the smell and taste are so bad that there is no way I would ever wear this on my lips again.

Rating: 2/10

This was quite a negative review, sadly, but I am al about honesty. I hope you enjoyed this review though and hope to see you again soon!

All the love, Des x


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