Wishlist | November 2016


Hello everybody! I hope you’re all having an amazing day. Today I bring you my wishlist for the month of November. I just picked out a few products which I really would love to have and try out. If you want to know what these products are, then please keep on reading.

Let’s start this post with the products I want the most. Juviasplace is an indie brand which has been getting a lot of attention lately. Youtubers like Kathleenlight and Nikkietutorials have been using their palettes and are very excited about them. I’ve watched their tutorials and was immediately drawn to these palettes and wanted to have them.

The palette I want the most is the Masquerade Palette, but to be completely honest I’d want them all. Now Juviasplace has a bundle where you can buy all three palettes for €72,80. I think it’s a great deal, and I can’t wait till I can buy it.

From left to right we have: masquerade, nubian 2 and nubian 1


A few months ago Kat von D came out with a new concealer. What I really love about it is the range of colors. There are 21 different colors on Sephora. Exciting, since what often annoys me is the color selection, especially the deeper and darker shades usually lack a wide range of colors.

What’s more exciting for me personally is that she came out with a white concealer! Now you probably think, who would use a white one? Well, me for example. Since I am so fair most concealers are not light enough for me to also be used for highlighting. Now if I’d have the white shade and be able to mix it with a different shade I can make it way lighter. I’m so excited about this. The lock it concealer retails for $26 at sephora.com.


Makeup Revolution came out with an entire new line based on your star sign. I thought that was just the coolest concept ever. They brought out an eye palette and a lip color. Every sign has different colors for both eyes and lips, and I think it’s just really something new and refreshing.

The eye set retails for €7,01 and the lip color for €4,20 on the tambeauty website. A steal as usual with Makeup Revolution so I really hope I can get my eyes on the Leo products.



A girl I know from the different makeup groups I’m in started her own company. Right now she makes her own highlighters and they look so pretty! I can’t wait to order some and try them out for myself.

Her company is called Visa Lux Cosmetics, you can find more information here. The highlighter I want to try the most is the lightest one and is called Ice Queen. They retail for €9,95


I think this is everything for right now. I could go on, but these products will do for right now. What is on your wishlist right now? And do you have any experience with any of these products?

I hope to talk to you all again soon and hope you enjoyed this post.

All the love, Des x



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