Haul 2/2 | November 2016

Hey everyone! A few days ago I posted part one of my haul, today I bring you part two! This haul only contains drugstore products, which is always exciting. I love trying drugstore products and finding new faves for a good price. Curious to see the makeup I got? Then please keep on reading.

The first three things I got are from the Trekpleister, which is a Dutch drugstore. I saw some interesting products in their flyer recently, so I sent my mom out to get them for me.

Let’s start with the thing I’m most excited about! The I Heart Makeup Unicorn highlighter. We’ve all seen the rainbow highlighter make its appearance, and now I Heart Makeup has made their own version. It retails for €5,99.



Then I also got the I Heart Makeup Bronze and Glow palette. It’s a little palette, which looks like a chocolate bar and it has a bronzer and highlight shade inside it. It retails for €5.99.


The final product I got from Trekpleister was the I Heart Makeup Chocolate Golden Bar eyeshadow palette. It’s a gorgeous palette, in the shape of a chocolate bar. I Heart Makeup has a lot of these palettes and some of them dupe the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes. It retails for €7,99.



Then I ordered a few more things online at Kruidvat. I’ll show you which products I bought now.

First thing I was in need of was a new eyelash curler. Mine was really old, and I think I accidentally threw it away because I can’t find it anymore. So I thought I’d purchase a new one. It’s from Essence and it cost me €2,89.


Next product is also from Essence. I really like that brand, it’s such a good affordable one! It’s a highlighter in 10 Let It Glow and it cost me €2,99.


You can never have enough blushes, especially not affordable ones. I bought the Catrice 010 Love, Rosie Matte Blush. It’s a pretty matte blush with different colors. It retails for €3,99. I really like blushes with different colors because depending on where you put your brush, your blush turns out different every time you use it.


Next up is an item I had on my wishlist! So I’m excited I finally bought it. It’s the Essence All About Greys eyeshadow palette. It looks as pretty in real life as it looked on the internet. When I was younger I wore grey eyeshadow every day of the week, it was the only thing I wore back then. I’m curious to see how it looks now and what kind of looks I can create with this palette. It cost me €3,99.


Next up is another product from Catrice, the eyebrow lifter and highlighter. I don’t really have a pencil like that in my makeup collection, so I thought it would be useful. Maybe I can use it to carve out my eyebrows, and otherwise a good highlight is never bad. It retails for €3,99.


I have issues and I know it. I was already obsessed with lipsticks and eyeshadows, but recently I’ve also really started loving highlighter. I like to have options, and that’s why I bought another one. The second highlighter I bought is from Catrice and is called the 010 Light Infusing Mineral Highlighting Powder and retails for €4,99.

Let’s hope they show differently on the skin so I can justify buying two highlighters for myself.


A well-known product in the Dutch youtube and beauty community is the Catrice Eyebrow Set. A lot of youtubers I watch seem to use that for their eyebrows. It includes 2 shades, and it’s a powder product. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want to try it for myself. It retails for €3,99.


And we’ve arrived at the last few products of this haul (finally). Nobody is going to be surprised by what the next couple of products are going to be. I’m giving you time to guess….. If you guessed lipsticks you were right.

First one I bought is the Essence Boost me Up Lipstick. It’s a white lipstick which is meant to be used kind of as a primer. So you put it on your lips and then you apply your main lipstick color. It cost €2,39.


The next two lipsticks are from Essence as well. It’s their longlasting lipstick in the colors 03 Dare to Wear and 021 Trés Chic. They retail for €2,39 a piece.



The last lipstick I bought is from Catrice and it’s the 140 Pinker Bell Lip Colour which retails for €3,99. Always excited for pink lips!!


I’m very excited to test these products, and see what will and won’t work for me. You can expect reviews on these products once I’ve been using them and I’ve formed an opinion on them.

What do you think of these products, or these brands in general? Let me know. I hope I talk to you again soon! Have a nice day.

All the love, Des x



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