Styletone Beautybox November 2016 | Unboxing


Hello everyone! Here I am with another Styletone Beautybox unboxing. It’s the November box, and it’s also my last Styletone box as I’ve ended my subscription with them. If you’re curious to see which products I got in my box, then keep on reading.

It’s already time for another unboxing! This November unboxing is a little late, so I apologize for that. I also thought I’d tell you that this is my last box for a while. I’ve decided to end my subscription, because while I like the box, the products that I get every month aren’t products I use a lot. So I decided to cancel it since it’s still €12,50 a month that I could spend on other things.

Now let’s get into the box. The first product is the Lord & Berry Ultimate Lip liner in nude.

« One feature of a super woman’s appearance is perfect lips. This pencil will give you that without too much of a pop colour. The perfect November nude! The round pencil and formula make it super easy to apply, and even more comfy to wear. The formula was enriched with Macadamia oil and waterlily extracts. It is waterproof and very easy to blend. Our tip? Line and fill in your lips with the pencil, next you apply any lipstick by carefully dabbing it all over your lips where you applied the pencil. That way you can give any lipstick colour that subtle brownish hue that fits this season so well. Keep as is, skipping the lipstick and instead topping it off with a gloss also works really well. »




The next item in the box is the Cailyn Cosmetics bubble mask.

« We know Cailyn from their lovely colour cosmetics. But they actually are really good at formulating care products too. Their newest launch is a range of products that they called the ‘Mummy Line’. The three products in this line kinda make you look like a mummy so we guess that that is where the name comes from. The product you received is their innovative ‘whipping bubble’ sheet mask that as they say uses an advanced technology of oxygenated cleansing bubbles imbued within unique mold-inducing microfiber to create a soothing and softening formula that deeply cleanses, exfoliates and hydrates the skin. Which basically means it’s a sheet mask with lush soapy bubbles that makes your skin feel amazing. What we really appreciate is that it’s fast. It only needs 3 seconds to foam and 3 mins on your face for a great result. Perfect for a commercial break when watching your favourite tv show or a quick mood changer while taking a shower. Enjoy the bubbles! »



We’re already on to the third product of November’s box. It’s the Meeki Beauty Lab Nail Polish.

« This lovely lacquer is all you need to add a little power to your day! Meeki beautylab creates vegan, big-5 free, white tea extract infused nail lacquers. This extract and mastic gum serve as a nail hardener and conditioner. They call it colour & care. New colours and names are developed by the coolest bloggers and all Meeki followers. This means you could actually be the next person to help create the newest Meeki product! And as we’d expect from a fashionable brand, they release a new collection every season! We LOVE! But it gets better. We set up a special project with Meeki, where you could be deciding the new name for your received nail lacquer! Keep an eye out on our social media next week for this.. You can also purchase an extra colour for a super sweet price! Don’t miss out and check the Meeki exclusives in this magazine. »



The second to last product in this month’s box is the Ziaja Coconut hand cream.

« Your most trusted companions when the weather changes are lip balm and hand cream. This box we supply you with one of these. This coconut hand cream is specifically a rich cream. Basically this is a heavy duty one. It does not disappear; instead it leaves a nice moisturizing layer on your skin so it helps for a longer time. When it’s cold outside, and the icy wind cuts into your skin, this little beauty will repair your skin, moisturize it, revitalize the skin’s natural barrier and make sure you’re ready for the winter. It even hardens your nails and prevents them from breaking and tearing. This cream has a mouthwatering coconut smell. For a little tropical feel when it’s cold outside. And have you seen the price? That’s less then a glass at a bar! Try it, and if you love it you never have to feel bad about repurchasing it »



And finally we have arrived at the last item in November’s Styletone box. It’s from the brand Tini Beauty, and it’s a lipstick in the color Pink Poodle.

« Soft hues and subtle shine, what is more perfectly fitting for our power woman theme? These pure and rich lippies were designed for sipping on dry martini’s at a fancy bar. But we guarantee you that they also go really well with warmer drinks. The fun thing though about Tini beauty, is that since everything is cocktail and bar inspired, these lipsticks too, are great on their own, mixed or layered with stain or gloss. Perfectly adaptable and mixable products is the Tini objective, and it works too! We selected 4 shades that all match with the cosy white and grey shades we love so much this season, and that (we hope) will make you feel that extra polished and pretty wearing. You have received either Pink Poodle, a perfectly neutral mocha mauve. Pink champagne serves up peachy pink spiked with a hint of gold shimmer for that luxury feel. Irish crème is a warm medium caramel nude. And last but not least, Plum wine is a cool mauve-kissed plum colour for that touch of warmth.»





I really liked this month’s box, I will definitely use all the products, which means I like the things I got this month. I’m especially excited about the mask, because I’ve never tried a sheet mask, and this one’s with bubbles which sounds exciting! I also really like the nail lacquer, the color is special.Here you’ll have a list of the original prices of the products so we can see how much we’ve saved:

  • Lord & Berry Ultimate Lip Liner €16,-
  • Cailyn Cosmetics bubble Mask €9,95,-
  • Meeki Beauty Lab Nail Polish €9,95,-
  • Ziaja Coconut hand cream €2,49,-
  • Tini Beauty Lipstick €14,95

The total value of the products inside the box is: €53,34, the box costs €12,50, which means we saved €40,84.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s and the final Styletone unboxing! I really liked the products in the box and can’t wait to try them. If you also have this box, let me know the products you got inside. I hope to talk to you soon! Have a nice day.

All the love, Des x


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