Emité Nail Polish + Nails Inc Matte Top Coat | Review


Hi everyone! Today’s blog post is about nail polish. I love nail polish! I have tons of them, but I don’t use them often enough. I decided it might be fun to make a post about it, so that’s what I’m doing right now. If you’re curious to know my thoughts, and how the color looks on my nails, then keep on reading.

The nail polish I’m going to be using today was in my September Styletone Beautybox. It’s from the brand Emité. I’ve never heard of this brand before, so I was very curious to find out how I liked it.

The color, named “Hone” is a warm nude. I literally like every color nail polish, from nudes to bright neon colors, so this is perfect for me.

This is what the bottle looks like. Very simple, yet classic.


The brush is quite large which makes it easy to apply the polish to your nails. It almost covers your entire nail, so you don’t have to go over it multiple times. I decided to start with one layer to see how the coverage would be. Below you see a picture of my nails covered in one layer of polish.


As you can see the coverage is quite good actually, almost opaque. Personally I like them to be a bit more covered, so I went in with a second layer. It was very easy to apply, it wasn’t streaky and it wasn’t like you were wiping away earlier applied polish.

This is how my nails look after a second coat.


I understand it’s difficult to see because of the quality of the pictures (which I apologize for), but there is a big difference. With two layers your entire nail is evenly colored, which makes it look really good.

In my July Styletone Beautybox I got the Nails Inc Matte Top Coat. I also decided to give that a try today. This product is supposed to make every glossy nail look matte.



I applied one coat of the matte top coat onto my nails. The consistency is glossy, but it’s supposed to dry down completely matte. After I applied it onto my nails it only took about 30 seconds for it to become matte. I love how it looks. It’s something completely different, in a good way.

Below you can see the end result of my nails. The camera doesn’t quite capture the difference between my matte nails and the glossy ones, but just know it was very different!


Conclusion: I really like both of these polishes. I love the color of the Emité one, it’s a beautiful warm color, and I think a lot of people will like it. The matte top coat is very interesting, and if you want to switch your nails up, it’s definitely easy to use.

Rating: 8/10

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, it was different from what I usually post, but I enjoyed writing about this. I hope you have a nice day, and I will see you soon!

All the love, Des x


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