Styletone Beautybox October 2016 | Unboxing


Hello everyone! I am so late with this unboxing, but it is still October, so without too much of me talking let’s just get into the unboxing of this October Styletone Beauty Box.

The first product in this month’s box is the Chella Eyebow Defining Gel.

« It’s all about the brows again this Fall. Thought we were over that? Thought wrong Bushy, full and perfectly groomed brows are THE trend. Chella, based in the USA, famous for their brow and eye products, are the perfect party to help you with this. This clear brow gel defines, lifts and holds your eyebrows into place. Formulated with aloe vera gel, sweet almond oil, chamomile and help it nourish your skin and eyebrow hairs for a healthy and full look! If you love this product, be sure to check out the rest of their range, from heated lash curlers to brow kits in specific color. »



The next product is this month’s box is the Lighten Up from Jelly Pong Pong.

« This wooden chubby pencil is your best friend when it comes to multitasking. Originally developed as a waterline pencil, you can also use it as a shine-less lightener on your brow bone, bridge of your nose and your cupid bow. But we actually figured out it’s also the perfect lightening lip base. Due to its matte finish, it holds on perfectly to the color you apply on top. The warm white shade cancels out the original colour of your lips, and therefore making the lipstick/pencil you apply on top look brighter and lighter. This is the perfect way to get more out of a lipstick you didn’t really like, or to double wear it. Based on caster seed oil, with cacao seed butter, this product will keep your skin happy, wherever you apply it! »




The third product in this month’s box is the Starlooks Lip Crayon in Majesty.

« These lovely lippies are brand new, and fit perfectly with this falls: ‘I just ate berries’ lip look. Apply as a stain by dabbing and blotting or copy Louis Vuitton’s look and apply a lot of gloss on top. The great thing about these is the high end packaging, with click system. So when you keep it in your purse, it won’t open. If you love your Starlooks lip crayon a lot, make sure to check out the other shades. »




The fourth product is the Hikari Blush in Cameo.

« We are big fans of this slick brand! Hikari, which is Japanese for light, has some beautiful colors and products in their range! This blush is definitely one of them. With a weightless formula, and both matte and shimmery finishes, it’s the perfect go to product. It was formulated with kaolin, a clay that moisturizes your skin, and it also helps battle spots. Cameo, a matte and very flattering old pink shade and Bikini, a pinky peach with a light shimmer are suited for almost every skin tone. Don’t wait any longer, pull out that blush brush and apply a veil of pretty! »






And we’ve arrived to the final product is October’s box, which is a Brush Cleaner.

« This handy tool will help you clean your brushes in the blink of an eye! What better reason to have a beauty box than getting stuff that you might not buy yourself? New fads that you’re not very sure off if they’ll work. Well this is one of those products, and now you can try it! And yeah, you can definitely also use your palms to clean your brushes, but sometimes you don’t want a greasy sparkly hand. We like getting our hands dirty, but keeping ’em clean is very nice for a change, plus no dry hands. Why is it important to clean your brushes? Think of all the bacteria that keeps accumulating over time on your brushes? Exactly, that’s why! »



I liked this month’s box, I will have use for all the products which makes me happy. The lip product is especially exciting. I also really like the color of the blush.

Here you’ll have a list of the original prices of the products so we can see how much we’ve saved:

  • Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel €18,-
  • Jelly Pong Ping Lighten Up €20,-
  • Starlooks Lip Crayon €19,-
  • Hikari Blush €15,-
  • Brush Cleaner €4,95

The total value of the products inside the box is: €76,95, the box costs €12,50, which means we saved €64,45.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s unboxing! I really liked the products in the box. If you have this box, let me know the products you got! I hope to talk to you soon! Have a nice day.

All the love, Des x


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