KVD Innerstellar Eye & Lip Set | Review


Hello everyone! It’s been over a month, I’m so sorry. I’m just out of it, and for some reason I can’t find inspiration to write. I had some personal things to deal with, so that’s why I haven’t been posting. I hope I’m able to get back into the flow of writing. A little while back I was able to order some stuff from the US Sephora website, and one of the things I got was the Kat von D Innerstellar Eye & Lip Set. In this blog post I’ll tell you my thoughts and show swatches of the products. If you’re curious to see my thoughts, then please keep on reading.

I ordered the set from the US Sephora website. Since I do not have a credit card a girl was nice enough to let me order with her. The Kat von D Innerstellar Eye & Lip set retails for $68, which is a very good price. If you’d buy all the products individually the price would be $102.

The products in this set are as follows: an eyeshadow palette filled with mattes and shimmers, a liquid lipstick in the shade Armageddon, a studded kiss lipstick in the shade Wonderchilde and a lightning liner in the shade Poe. Now I have to say the liner that was included unfortunately arrived broken. Since I am not the biggest fan and user of eyeliner I decided to trash it, so this won’t be featured in today’s review.

Now let’s look at the eyeshadow palette first. The packaging is extremely pretty as you can see for yourself below. The packaging of the eyeshadow palette is a card box just as the Shade and Light Eye Palette.





Let’s get into swatches of the eyeshadows. Let me warn you, these pictures are very bad quality, for some reason I couldn’t get the picture right no matter how hard I tried. I did want to include it in today’s review. The shades are very buttery and swatch nicely. They do give quite a bit of powder kick off but I personally don’t mind that.

From left to right we have the following shades:

  • Gravitron ( soft iridescent pink)
  • Night Crawler ( matte dusty beige)
  • Dios ( silvery grey iridescence)
  • Lunacy ( rich pearlized purple)
  • Vast ( pearlized taupe)
  • Astrological ( pale lilac sheen)
  • Darkster ( purplish pewter)
  • Orion (matte chocolate brown)
  • Lycan (matte cream)
  • 3am (metallic champagne)
  • Moonshine (matallic silver)
  • Killing Moon (matt black)

Obviously because of the bad quality of the photos the swatches don’t do justice to the true quality of the eyeshadows.

Now let’s continue with the Studded Kiss Lipstick in Wonderchilde. It’s described as an iridescent neon lilac color. I love the packaging of the Studded Lipsticks, they have something very classy while also being different than others.



The lipstick itself isn’t very opaque but it’s definitely buildable to your liking.


Now let’s continue with the final product of the Innerstellar set. The liquid lipstick in the shade Armageddon. I was happy this was included in the set because Kat Von D’s liquids are probably my favorite liquid lipsticks out there, so whenever I get a new one I’m always happy. Armageddon is described as a carnation pink color.



I love pinks so this is definitely a color I will be getting use out of! I think this set is worth buying. I love the things included in it, and since it’s inclusive to the set you can’t get the lip colors separately. I really like all the products, the eyeshadow palette is beautiful and the colors are good and buttery. Both lipsticks I can see myself using and liking, so at the end of the day I’m happy with this purchase.

Rating: 7,5/10

I hope you guys found this helpful. Let me know if you own any Kat von D products and what you think of them. See you again soon!

All the love, Des x



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