Wishlist | September 2016


Hellooo! Here I am with my wishlist of September. Time goes by so vastly I can’t believe it’s almost going to be October soon. You know what that means though? Christmas is coming!! I’m already excited for the lights and music to shine and play. Anyway, enough about the holidays let’s just get into this blog post. If you’d like to see my wishlist for the month of September, then keep on reading.

Let’s get right into this. The first product I want to talk about is by Essence. I have the feeling Essence has been getting really popular the last couple of months. I’ve been using this brand for years but lately I hear more youtubers talking about them. I like it, they’re a very good and affordable brand.

The Essence all about Greys eyeshadow palette contains 8 eyeshadows which are a mix between matte and shimmer shades. You can buy if for €4,99 at Kruidvat (for my Dutch guys and gals) and I believe in the US at Ulta.


Next up I have an eyeshadow stick by NYC Cosmetics. It’s called the NYC City Proof 655 Madison Square Park Oogschaduw and it’s supposed to stay on all day. I’m not the biggest fan of eyeshadow sticks but considering it’s price i’m curious to see if it’s good. You can buy this product at Kruidvat for €3,99.


Apparently I don’t have enough eyeshadows, (Who am I kidding though I have way too much) but the third product on my list are eyeshadows once again.

Michelle (ReadySetGlamour) on youtube has put together a little quad of eyeshadows in collaboration with Ittse cosmetics. She’s one of my favorite youtubers to watch, what I like most about her is her genuineness of the products she tests and talks about. I’m first in line whenever one of my favorites get something on the market so I’m very enthusiastic about it.

The eyeshadows are called the Squad Quad which according to Michelle herself is a representation of her connection with her followers. She hopes to give back a little piece of herself to us whenever we do our makeup. I love the sentiment behind it and it shows she really cares about her followers.

You can buy the Squad Quad at the Ittse website for $30. Or if you want a matching palette to put your shadows in it costs $45.


I know this was pretty short but I think this is all for this month. What are some of the things that are on your wishlist? Let me know, I always am curious to hear what other people want to have.

I hope to talk to you soon again and have a nice day/evening.

All the love, Des x


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