Styletone Beautybox September 2016 | Unboxing


Hii everyone! Here I am with my September unboxing of the Styletone Beautybox! If you’re curious to know what I got in my box this month, then keep on reading.

The first product in the Beautybox this month is from Ellis Faas. It’s the Hot Lips, lip product.

« We can barely hold our excitement about this one! Ellis Faas, cited by Vogue Paris as ‘one of the most influential make up artists of her time’ is the founder\ of the Ellis Faas beauty brand. With a deep rooted belief in offering easy, high quality beauty products that provide confidence and the freedom to be unique. Her signature ‘Ellis Red’ is based on the color of blood, and is the same in all of us. Go Ellis! This month you’ll receive one of her most popular products. »





Up next we have the Figs & Rouge Pore Refining Anti Blemish Cream.

« Pore refining products are hot! From the first moment the dewy looks hit the runway, skin care was all about pore refinement and minimizing. No wonder, because it makes for  smooth skin with a healthy look. Don’t think these are only meant for teenagers with breakouts, these high end skin formulations will make a real difference on older oily skin too. Diminishing marks and spots, the result will be a cleansed, soft and glowy skin. The mask eliminates impurities and draws out excess oils for a clearer healthy complexion. The blemish cream combats breakouts and blemishes for a rejuvenated, hydrated and balanced skin. The daily lotion helps diminish imperfections and refine the skin texture. »



The next product is the box is from the brand Emité and it’s a nail lacquer.

« What’s a makeup look without  a feminine nail polish colour? Not quite there yet, exactly! This month we are featuring the 3 shades of Emite’s polish line. Cham, the classic red, Rasp, light raspberry pink and Hone, a lovely nude color with a hint of warmth are 3 shades that should be in every women’s beauty stack. The high performance quality makes it easy to apply, fast-drying and long-lasting. Did you know you can best keep polishes in the fridge? Take em out and roll them between your hands before applying for the best result! And of course, always apply on dry, clean nails. Check out our Pinterest Nail It! board for some cool tips on how to wear these colours, even if they’re not your first pick at first sight. »



The first to last product is from the brand Note and it’s a mono eyeshadow.

« A vital touch of colour in many makeup looks comes from your eyeshadow. This one from Note is very affordable. And with the range of 18 colours, you will be able to find your favourite, or complete your collection. Vitamin E protects the delicate skin of your eyelid against free radicals. These beauties do not contain parabens. Blue shades are all the craze this summer, and what says sexy eye look more than deep purple of warm grey? The green will bring out the hazel in brown eyes or the grey in blue eyes. Be sure to watch Erik’s unboxing video for inspiration. »






The last product in the September Styletone Beautybox is a mascara from the brand Ace of Face.

« This pretty brand decided to do things differently. A makeup collection with only eye products (stick to what you’re best at) a wide variety of types like growth stimulation mascara, lengthening curling mascara, sensitive lengthening mascara, waterproof mascara etc. There is also a range of different wands, so it’s easy to pick your favourite. To top it off you won’t have to break the bank for these beauties. We like! Actually, one of our team members calls this mascara her new found lash love. Not kidding. We selected these two mascaras for their volumizing properties and big effect. Of course we like that kind of barely-there look, but sometimes you need a little more just so your eyes look more open. Both are in a rich black colour and will not flake or smudge. »





I really like this month’s box, it definitely makes up for last month’s disappointing one. It has a bit of everything, a face product, eye product, lip product so I’m happy. I think I’ll definitely get use out of the products.

Here you’ll have a list of the original prices of the products so we can see how much we’ve saved:

  • Ellis Faas Hot Lips €27,00
  • Figs & Rouge Pore Refining Anti Blemish Creme €31,50
  • Emité Nial Lacquer €12,00
  • Note Mono Eyeshadow €9,90
  • Ace Of Face Mascara €14,90

The total value of the products inside the box is: €94,40, the box costs €12,50, which means we saved €81,90.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s unboxing blog post. If you have this box let me know the products you got! I hope to talk to you soon!

All the love, Des x


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