Colourpop Tie Diyes | First Impression


Hey everybody!! How are you all doing? Colourpop always comes up with new things, it’s hard to keep up. A couple of weeks ago they came up with limited editions of tie dye eyeshadows. Curious to see what they look like and which ones I got? Keep on reading then.

Colourpop is easily one of my favorite brands! Their eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks and lippiestix are easily included in my favorites from the products I own. They started out as a relatively small company but through the years they have grown because their quality is really good.

They come up with a lot of new stuff, I honestly can’t keep up. I know they recently came up with lip glosses which I want to try, and they always come up with new shades of their Ultra Mate liquid lipsticks or their Ultra Satin Liquids.

Last summer, before I ever heard of Colourpop, they had a summer collection filled with 4 tie dyes. Apparently they were so popular that they were sold out pretty quickly. Now if you want to find one it’s nearly impossible and on the off chance you do find one, the normal price is anywhere between $60 to $90.

Colourpop claimed it’s very difficult to make tie dye eyeshadows and that’s why they almost never do it. But they did decide to make some new ones for a new limited edition series. They made 4 tie dye eyeshadows. Now when I first heard of this I was interested and ready to order them but they were sold out within 1 minute. Of course I was quite frustrated because they said they had very limited quantity but being sold out within the minute was extreme in my opinion.

They posted on their twitter that if there were enough people who asked they might be able to get some more. I don’t like this technique, I get that it causes hype and that more people will follow and stay tuned but I was just annoyed. The next day there were more tie dyes. I decided to not try again because to be honest I was mostly just a bit annoyed.

Of course when I saw everyone getting their tie dyes, especially people in the makeup groups I’m a part of. I got a bit sad I didn’t order them but nothing I could do about that. Except some people bought doubles or extra doubles. So I was able to buy 2 tie dye shades from this girl. I was really happy for that so yay I do have two limited edition tie dyes.

This was a lot of talking, I’m sorry for that. There are a total of four tie dyes as I said before: Mermaid Kiss, Summer Lovin, Pop Rocks, and Meow.

The shades I got are Summer Lovin and Meow. I liked them the most from the swatches I saw and just the general look of them.

As always with Colourpop eyeshadows they are between a creme and a powder eyeshadow. They are so incredibly soft and blendable, it’s amazing.

Below you have some pictures of the shadows.


The colour below is Summer Lovin.


And this color is Meow.


Don’t they look absolutely gorgeous? I’m very happy to have gotten my hands on these two. They’re very pretty and the quality is amazing just like always with their eyeshadows. Here we have a picture of me swatching both of the shadows on my hand.


The pigmentation is so good, this is just one swipe and woop. I love the colors and I can’t wait to create a look with both of these shadows.

I hope some of you were able to get your hands on these lovely shadows. If not, do you have other Colourpop shadows which you love?

See you soon!

All the love, Des x


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