Haul part 2/2 | August 2016


Hii everyone! This is part 2 of my “birthday” haul. I got some money for my birthday and decided to buy some things with it. In the first haul you could see some of the makeup I bought so If you are curious to see that one, you can read it here. In this haul I bought a few more things but they were all eyelashes. If you want to see which kind of eyelashes I got, then keep on reading.

Let’s start with the ones I’m most excited about. In my July Wishlist you could read how I wanted to have the Annytude lashes in Fluffy. They got back in stock so I decided now was my chance to get them.

I bought one pair from the Annytude website because they retail for €17,50, which is quite expensive for a pair of lashes, but I just really want to see if I’ll love them and if they’ll look good on me.

I got my lashes two days later in a cute envelope with a little personalized card in it which was cute. Look at the pictures below, don’t they look gorgeous? I’m very excited to try them on and see how they look. And also to see if I can actually apply them or if I suck as usual.




Then I decided to do another order because I needed some lash glue. Now I do have lash glue but I find that it doesn’t work for me so it was time to try a different one. The website Lashaddict sells a lot of different lash brands and also some different makeup brands.

I decided to buy glue from a brand called Duo. I have heard a lot of good things about their lash glue so I decided to give it a try. I bought the Duo brush on adhesive in transparent. I always want transparent lash glue because I don’t wear eyeliner a lot so If I don’t place it correctly there is black glue on my eye lid.

I bought it for €8,95. I went for this one because it has a tiny brush so I found that easier then a squeezy tube.


I decided that since I was going to order from there anyway, I might as well buy some other brand lashes to try out. I have talked about my troubles to put eyelashes on before. I want to see if that’s because it’s just something I can’t do or if it was because it were eBay lashes.

The first lashes I bought are the House of Lashes in the style Heartbreaker. They retail for €11,95. I wanted to try those because they looked volumizing but wispy at the same time, I really liked the way they looked.


The next style I bought are the Red Cherry lashes in WSP. I have heard so much about these lashes. Apparently they are very natural and good for everyday wear. The Red Cherry lashes retail for €4,95.


Then I decided to pick up some lashes from the brand Eyelure, also a known lash brand. I chose to pick up the style Exaggerated 149. They retail for €7,99 each and I decided to buy them because they looked very full and a little dramatic but not too much.


Only two pairs to go. The next brand I bought were Ardell Lashes. I decided to go for the style #113. They looked very natural and wispy just like the Red Cherry ones. When I put them side to side they looked almost identical so I’m curious to see if they wear the same. The lashes retail for €5,95.


And now we have arrived at the last pair of lashes I bought. They are from Kara Lashes. I had never heard of this brand before compared to the other ones. They looked very pretty and dramatic to me and they were the least expensive of all of them so I hope they look gorgeous. The Kara lashes retail for €3,95 each.


Do you have any experience with any of the lashes I purchased? And which are your most favorite lashes?

I hope you all enjoyed part 2 of my haul and I hope to see you again soon!

All the love, Des x

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