Styletone Beautybox August 2016 | Unboxing


Hii everyone! I am extremely late with the unboxing post of this month’s Styletone beautybox but I just wasn’t feeling up to writing it earlier. Anyways I hope you enjoy this month’s box, so let’s see what I got.

The first product I got this month is the Seraphine Rosy Cheeks. Let’s see what information the booklet gives us.

« We selected this lip & cheek gel because of its extremely flattering colour. It’s a warm orchid shade that suits most skin tones. The other main reason is because we don’t really use it as a lip & cheek gel, but more so as a lip stain. Check below hack on how! ** This 95% natural product contains no mineral oil,  parabens, phalates, gluten or animal derivatives. Formulated with grape seed oil and goji berry fruit extract to keep your lips soft and hydrated. the boxes are even printed with soy ink, which is better for the environment, produces less VOC’s and is not petroleum based. Seraphine Botanicals is a vegan, cruelty free brand from the UK, and dedicated to making beautiful cosmetics in a way that’s fair and sourced  sustainably and responsibly. »

** Use a lip brush to apply the product, let set for a few minutes and carefully wipe off the product with a tissue.

Next product I got in the box is from Manna Kadar. The Radiance split pan bronzer and highlighter duo.

« A little confession: Completely addicted to Manna Kadar products over here! And this highlighter/bronzer beauty is just feeding into our addiction 🙂 With two shades, one subtle champagne for highlighting and one warm bronze shade to complement your tan, this split pan is yet another easy to use favorite. The silky smooth textures make it incredibly easy to blend them and use them  on your cheekbones or even for an eye look! Kaolin (clay) ensures soft skin after applying and Mica (mineral) gives the formula its pretty shine. If you like a foiled metallic look, wet your brush before applying. And as per a tip of Manna herself, mix the two shades to create your own! »

Next product I got is from Ellovi, their tinted lip butter.

« We LOVE these balms! If you are new to Ellovi, you should know that this brand was born to disrupt a beauty industry ruled by products with artificial ingredients and cheap fillers. Hell yeah to that! All Ellovi products are natural, pure and from plants only. So even safe to use for vegans! This little oval beauty for instance, has only 6 ingredients and is infused with Alkanet, a Mediterranean flower that gives the balm its tint! Sunflower, macademian and Hawaian coconut oils keep your lips super soft and silky for hours. »

The fourth thing I got in this month’s Styletone box is from Ecoco, their beauty glove.

« When we saw this we thought: How the #$& did we not know about this?! How easy and convenient! Goodbye millions of cotton pads or euro after euro towards cleaners. No more risk at spilling products in your vacation bag, ever! This soft glove removes your makeup in the blink of an eye when used wet. Do not apply any remover products, just simply put your hand in it and use the wet fabric to remove your makeup. When it gets too dirty, just wash it in the washing machine! How does it really work? the super soft microfibers absorb the makeup and other dirt on your skin. It also works as mini scrub or peeling. That’s how it fights pimples and early aging signs of the skin! »

And we have arrived to the final product of this month’s Styletone box. It’s by the brand Paese and it’s their Brow Setter.

« The brow-wizzes among us already know about the graphite shades in brow products. But if your first reaction is that you are not allegeable for a 65+ card, than let us explain. No one has black eye brows, and that’s why if your hair is dark you will need a grey shade or a dark brown shade. All major brands with eyebrow products have these grey shades, and now you know why! You received one of the three shaded: Light brown for blondes and light brunettes. Did you know blondes can go several shades darker than their natural hair colour for a natural look? Dark brown: for medium to dark brunettes. Dyed your hair in a copper or reddish brown shade; use a less red, more brown shade that compliments but not matches your new hair. Or the third shade: Graphite, which is suitable for black haired beauties. »

I think this month’s box has been my least favorite so far. None of the products are extremely appealing to me. I like the beauty glove and will definitely try it out. Also the Manna Kadar duo seems nice so I’ll use that. I hope next month’s box will be better.

Here you’ll have a list of the original prices of the products so we can see how much we’ve saved:

  • Seraphine Rosy Cheeks €20,-
  • Manna Kadar Radiance Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo €18,95
  • Ellovi Tinted Lip Butter €5,-
  • Ecoco Cosmetic Glove €7,95
  • Paese Brow Setter €11,95

The total value of the products inside the box is: €63,85, the box costs €12,50, which means we saved €51,35.

What did you think about the products in this month’s box? Let me know and hopefully I’ll talk to you soon.

All the love, Des x


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