Wishlist | August 2016


Hello everyone! I have to apologize again for taking so long before writing another blog post. I’ve just really not been in the mood. Plus I haven’t been wearing any makeup. It’s mostly due to the hot weather, I don’t want to bother with makeup on my face. Today I’m here with another wishlist. And I do hope I can write some more posts because I’ve been lacking so much. Curious to see what products I’d like to try? Keep on reading then.

Looking back on my wishlist from last month I now actually have two of the products I wanted back then. My birthday was on August 6th and from my friend Inez I got some lovely makeup goodies, one of them was the Catrice concealer. I also bought some makeup myself from the money I got on my birthday and I went with the Annytude lashes in Fluffy. A haul from the things I bought will hopefully be up soon.

Let’s start with the first product, a product I’ve been wanting to have since it first came out. The trend and most popular makeup product right now are probably highlighters. You have them in so many different forms and colors. I already have one Anastasia Beverly Hills glowkit in Gleam but I want another one.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkit in Moonchild. It’s a gorgeous highlighting palette with 6 different shades. They’re not your average highlighting shades but they’re so special I need it in my life.

You can only buy it at the ABH website and it retails for $40. And considering the fact you get 6 highlighters for that price, I think it’s a really good price. (The picture below is from the ABH website.)


To stick with highlighters (can you see I’m obsessed yet?) Kathleenlights teamed up with Makeup Geek and came out with a highlighter palette. Seeing as I am a big fan of Kathleen I of course want to have it. I am a little afraid the shades might be too dark for me but If I ever get my hands on it I’ll see.

It’s available on the Makeup Geek website for $39, which again for three fairly large highlighters seems like a fair price. (The picture below is from the MUG website.)


I’m going to continue with something not makeup related. I easily get into things. When I like something I often have a period where I buy a lot of things. Besides makeup one of my favorite things to buy are sunglasses. Now to be fair all my sunglasses are cheap, most from eBay. If they break I have no reason to be upset about it.

In a haul, I think it was last month, I showed you a pair of Quay sunglasses I bought. I really like them and that’s why I want another pair. Another makeup youtuber has collabed with Quay and came out with 4 different sunglasses. Her name is Desi Perkins I’m going to assume most of you know or have at least heard from her.

They are the Quay x Desi sunglasses in High Key Black. You can buy them on the Quay Australia website (though they are momentarily out of stock) for $60.

They are not normally the style I go for but I just really love how they look.They are similar to your normal aviators, only they are oversized. And seeing as my head is quite big, I think oversized would be perfect for me. (The picture below is from the Quay Australia website.)


And I’m already at the last item of this post. It seems as the key point this time are collabs because this product is another collaboration. The Power of Makeup by Too Faced x NikkieTutorials is obviously a collaboration with NikkieTutorials. I personally think Nikkie is one of the most talented youtubers out there but I might be a little biased because she’s Dutch like me.

You can buy the Too Faced x NikkieTutorials collab on the Too Faced website for $56. And that’s an amazing price. Its not one thing you get, you get multiple products so the price is extremely good.

The sad thing is that Too Faced products are extremely hard to get here. You can buy it at Sephora US but then I’d have taxes and I don’t have a credit card. But as far as I know it’s available in certain Sephoras in Europe beginning September 1st. I’m definitely going to try to get my hands on it. (The picture below is from the Too Faced website.)


Do any of you have any of the products I mentioned in this post? If yes do you recommend them? What are some products on your wishlists?

Once again I hope I can get back into writing more blog posts and talk to you soon.

All the love, Des x



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