Makeup with the BFF | August 16

Hello everyone! I hope you still know who I am. I am so sorry for having been gone for the past 3 weeks or something. I was just not in the mood to wear makeup and to write blog posts and that’s basically it. I hope to get back into writing again and keep this blog updated now.

Today’s blog post is going to be very short, but fun one. It features my friend Rianne. Recently she was with me, and we did each other’s makeup. If you want to know how that worked out and looked, then keep on reading.

Recently my friend Rianne was with me and we had kind of a sleep over (those are always fun) and we decided to do each other’s makeup. Or better said, I decided I wanted to give her a full face of makeup since she usually only wears mascara. I was curious how a full face of makeup would look on her.

We have different skin tones – she’s a good amount darker than me – but luckily I had one foundation that was too dark for me and it worked perfectly for her. I never do other people’s makeup, so it was quite hard to do because I’m not used to it. Like I said earlier, I gave her an entire face of makeup. I tried to keep it on the neutral side because I know she wasn’t all about those bright colors.

I think the result was quite good, since I did makeup on somebody else for the first time. Rianne liked the eyes the most out of her entire face of makeup. She said she could see herself wearing it without all the foundation and powders on her face. I think the lips were cool as well, but it was a bit dramatic. All in all we both thought it was lots of fun, and she could definitely pull it off.

After I did her makeup I thought it would be cool if she did mine. She was a bit hesitant because she doesn’t know anything about makeup, but thought it would be fun to do anyways.

It was so weird letting someone do my makeup, it felt weird on my face. Especially my eyebrows. I thought they were going to be extremely thick and dark, but in the end when I saw the result there was barely any product on them.

I think the result was quite good. For Rianne to never use any of those products and then doing it on someone else, I was really surprised. Of course the way she put on foundation and concealer would not be how I do it. I would make sure there was a bit more coverage, but that’s just a personal thing. I’d say the only thing that you can barely see are the eyebrows, as she said to me she was afraid it would look too dark and heavy.

What do you guys think of the end result of both our full faces of makeup? I forgot to write down which products both of us used so, I’m sorry about that.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope I can get back into writing. Talk to you soon!

All the love, Des x


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