Wishlist July 2016


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to share some new items I have on my wishlist. Since I can’t buy everything I would want to, I like the idea of sharing some of the products I’m most interested in. So if you are interested to hear which products I really want, then keep on reading.

Let’s start of with concealers. For some reason I have trouble finding one I really like. It’s mostly because I want one that covers my dark circles but also highlights a bit. Since I am so fair it’s not easy to find one that does that.

Catrice is a very nice drugstore brand that has good quality products for a really good price. Their Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer is something I’ve seen Sarah Rebecca, a Dutch beauty blogger/youtuber, use in almost all her videos. And lately even Kathleen has been using it in some of her tutorials so I really want to see if it’s something for me.

The Catrice High Coverage Concealer retails for €3,59 and I, as a Dutch person can buy it at Kruidvat. (The image below is from their website)


Right now I’ve kind of given up on applying lashes. I have the feeling I either just really suck or my eyes just don’t accept lashes. I do have to admit, since I was quite new to makeup I didn’t want to spend lots of money on lashes because I was afraid this would happen. But I just want to see if better quality lashes do work out for me. Also I’ve heard that lashes with a bigger band are easier to apply.

I am always on the look out for new sites and I am always trying to discover sites I didn’t know. So I found the website Annytude. Annytude is a website made by a well known Instagrammer named An Knook,who happens to be Dutch as well. In January of this year she started her own lash collection and website. I saw some pictures of people wearing her lashes and was so impressed I checked her site out.

There are multiple different styles on her site. Most of them retail for €17,50 per pair. Which sounds like quite some money for me, but if they’re good, they’ll be worth it. The two styles that I really would love to try are Fluffy and Dainty. (The images below are from the Annytude website.

As I’ve said many times before I suck at applying eyeliner. Whether it’s a pen, liquid or gel liner I’m just not good at it. But as I always like to say and hope practice makes perfect.

Sigma has a really tiny brush for your eyeliner. The Sigma E06 Winged Liner Brush. It’s very small and it seems to help you apply eyeliner with precision. So I’m really curious about it and I want to buy it. You can purchase it for $14 on the  Sigma website. (The picture below is from their website)


I love highlighters. In the beginning I was a bit thrown off by it. But once you get into it, it gets addicting. It’s just so nice to have that perfect glow on your cheekbones.

I have never tried one of Becca’s highlighters but I’ve heard great things about it. I always wanted to try Champagne Pop mainly because it was made in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. But I’ve realized there’s a good chance it will be too dark on me. I went looking on their website and found a color which I am sure would look amazing on me, Pearl.

You can buy the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed on the Becca website in six different shades. They retail for $38. (The images below are from their website)


Of course there are many more products I have my eye on but I’m going to keep it with these ones. I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know what kind of things you would love to buy. Also let me know if any of you have tried any of these products.

Have a nice day and I’ll speak to you soon!

All the love, Des x


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