BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo Palette | Review

Hello everybody and Happy Sunday! Friday during my #100DaysofMakeup I used BH Cosmetics Shaaanxo’s palette to create my look for that day. As I promised during that article, I would do a full review and swatches of the palette on Sunday. So that is what I have in store for you today. If you are interested in this palette and my review on it, then please keep reading.

First off let me tell you that I am always excited when youtubers pair up with a makeup brand to create something. Even if they aren’t someone I personally follow or watch, the fact that they get an opportunity to do so is really amazing.

I do follow and watch Shaaanxo’s video’s, she’s one of my favorite youtubers to watch. She knows what she’s doing, she does a lot of tutorials, first impressions and some of the best lip swatch videos. Other than that she is very nice and lovely, I feel like she’s genuine in what she does and says to us, which is important. She even has her own brand of makeup brushes and eyelashes, which is amazing!

So when I heard she created her own palette is collaboration with BH Cosmetics, I was really excited. I had heard of BH Cosmetics but only had one palette of theirs because it’s not the easiest for me to get here in the Netherlands. She did a full video talking about her palette and showing us swatches and telling us how it all came together.

I follow Shannon on social media to make sure I was up to date as when the palette came out. I even signed up so I would be notified as soon as the palette launched. The moment it did I ordered it immediately. The shipping was very quick, I had the palette here within a week.

You can only buy this palette on the BH Cosmetics website where it retails for $22. But to be fair they always have sales and I have never seen the palette cost more then $14,50.

This is what the packaging of the product looks like, it comes in a box and this is the front and back of it.

On the back of the box is a little piece written about Shannon which is also what they wrote on the website, I’ll write it down below.

« YouTube beauty vlogger and makeup artist Shannon Harris, known to her fans as Shaaanxo shares her makeup secrets with an inspirational message. Her girl-next-door relatability and engaging personality make her the most subscribed-to channel in New Zealand and one of the top beauty influencers globally. Shaaanxo has hand-picked a mix of dynamic and down-to-earth shades that add up to a multitude of wearable looks that flatter a variety of skin tones. »

When you have the box you get out the palette and it’s double sided. One side has eyeshadows and the other side has lipsticks. This is how the palette itself looks.

When you open the palette you have one side with a mirror and nine eyeshadows. The closure of the palette is magnetic. The other side of the palette is exactly the same only instead of nine eyeshadows we have nine lip color shades.

As you can see the eyeshadow palette is pretty neutral, which I think is a smart choice because not only does that make it accessible for most people, it’s also suited for a variety of different skin tones.

The lip palette has a mixture of some neutral lip colors and some bright colors. Of course there is a bright orange, one of Shannon’s favorite lipstick colors to wear. I again think it’s the perfect mixture of neutral and colors.

Of course I also did some swatches. Let’s start with the eyeshadow ones. The top one is natural light and the bottom one is with flash.



As you can see the colors have really good pigmentation. When swatching them on my arm I used one swipe and this was the color pay of I got. Especially the shimmery colors are really good. But the mattes are also very nice.

When you use them with a brush they pick up enough product and you get plenty of color on your eyes. If you tap off the excess you will have minimal fall out. The shadows blend really well which is nice and while they are neutral you can create plenty of looks with these colors. I am happy with how these eyeshadows work for me and impressed with the quality.

Now let’s move on to swatches from the lip colors. As I said there are nine of them. The top is natural lighting and the bottom is with flash.



Again this is all one swipe and this is how it looks. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself. The brighter colors are more opaque than the neutral ones but that makes sense. You can either apply it with your finger for a lighter more neutral application or with a lip brush for a precise more opaque application.

The colors are very easy to apply, they glide on to your lips. The brighter colors are very pigmented and the neutral ones are a bit less but you can build them up. For these kind of lip colors I am very impressed. A lot of the time when you have these kind of lip colors there is barely any pigmentation but these almost apply like normal lipsticks.

One thing I feel like I have to point out is the smell. Both the eyeshadows and the lip colors have a not so pleasant smell on them. It has a slight chemical smell almost like the smell of a cleaning product. But it’s very light and when you put them on you don’t smell it anymore.

Conclusion: I think this palette is really good. You get nine eyeshadows and nine lip colors for an extremely affordable price. I’d say this is perfect for beginners who are just getting into makeup or for people who already are quite experienced but still want this palette. Whether you want to buy this palette because you want to support Shannon or because you just like the palette for the colors, I’d say get it, there’s no way you’re going to be disappointed with it.

Rating: 9/10

I hope you enjoyed the review and swatches of the Shaaanxo palette. Do you have this or are you thinking of buying it after this? Let me know in the comments. See you tomorrow!

All the love, Des x


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