#100DaysofMakeup | Day 13/100

Hello everyone! It’s already Thursday again, we’re getting close to the weekend. Today’s look is very simple. Plus I used an eyeshadow palette I had never used before and I was curious about it. If you want to know which palette I’m talking about and how my look of the day turned out, then keep on reading!

As always I started off with doing my eyebrows. I used my beloved ABH Dipbrow like I almost always do. Then I wanted to use the Wet N Wild eyeshadow palette from the Centerstage Collection in collaboration with Fergie. I really like the look of this palette, the colors look so pretty!

I started with the lower left color and put that into my crease. I was disappointed with how little pigmentation there was. I could barely get anything in my crease. All I saw was a bunch of glitters there but no actual color pay off. I then went on to the top right color because I figured it would look pretty as a lid color. I used a flat eyeshadow brush but I couldn’t get anything on my brush. I tried to apply with my finger but there was no pigment at all, nothing. After that I decided to put this palette away since there was no way I could make a look with this.

I then grabbed my self made z-palette full with Makeup Geek shadows because there is always something I can create with that. I put Latte into my crease which is the fourth color of the first row. It works perfectly as a transition shade and I blended that until I liked the way it looked.


I used my finger to apply Homecoming all over my eye lid, which is the second color of the fourth row. And then I went into Cocoa Bear which is the fifth color of the first row. I used a tinier brush for that because I didn’t want it to be too intense, I just wanted to add some warmth to my crease but not have it look too dark.

I went and did my face and used a new product for that as well. The Becca color corrector in peach to conceal my dark circles. I liked it but I’m going to use it more to see what I think of it in the long run.

I also used a new foundation, the L’oréal Lumi Magique Foundation in Porcelain Rose. I wanted to try this foundation because I heard good things about it and it was supposed to give a dewy finish which I really like especially in Summer. I got the lightest shade with a pink undertone. I have no idea how they can even call this foundation for a pink undertone when it’s bright yellow.


I had to use my LA Girl foundation to make it less yellow because there was no way I was going to look like this. I’m not going to use this foundation anymore because obviously the color is wrong but I still do not understand how it can look this way.

After the foundation disaster I went back to my eyes and put Latte on my lower lashline and smoked it out a little so it looked very soft. Then I lightly used Cocoa Bear on my lower lash line as well. I then went into Cosmopolitan and used that for my inner corners. I thought it would look nice and a bit different. I topped it off with mascara and this is how my eye look looked.

For my lip color I wanted something bright so I decided to use NYX soft matte lip creme in the color Amsterdam. Here we have pictures of my entire look.

I really like how this turned out. I like the simple eyes with a little bit of a pop in the inner corners. And then the bright lip color.

Here is a list of products used to create this look.

  • ABH Dipbrow in Soft Brown
  • W7 Brow and Lash Shaping Gel
  • NYX Eyeshadow Primer
  • Essence mattifying compact powder in Light Beige
  • Wet n Wild Centerstage Collection Eyeshadow Palette
  • Makeup Geek eyeshadows in Latte, Cocoa Bear, Homecoming and Cosmopolitan
  • Elf Hydrating Primer
  • L’oréal Lumi Magique Foundation in Porcelain Rose
  • LA Girl Foundation in Ivory
  • Becca color corrector in peach
  • Maybelline The Eraser Eye in Light
  • NYC Mosaic Powder
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette
  • Mac Blush in New Romance
  • NYC Big and Bold Mascara
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Amsterdam
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

What do you think of this look? Have any of you tried the Wet N Wild palette I tried to use and did you have better luck with it? Let me know! See you tomorrow!

All the love, Des x


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