Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original | Review



Hi everyone! Today I have another review for you. It’s going to be about the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer as the title of this article already said. I’ve been using it enough for the past month so I feel I have an honest opinion about it. If you are curious about my opinion and review of the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, then please keep reading.

First things first let’s go to the Urban Decay website and see what they wrote about this product.

« Just when you thought Eyeshadow Primer Potion couldn’t get any better, we found a way. With revamped packaging that includes an applicator, our legendary primer looks more gorgeous and applies with more versatility. And the paraben-free formula still packs the powers it’s famous for: 24-hour, crease-free shadow, more vibrant color and smoother application.

Once you’ve tried Eyeshadow Primer Potion, you’ll never want to live without it. Our formula glides on smoothly, and space-age polymer technology fills in any imperfections on the skin’s surface, prepping your lids for all-day shadow.

Choose your favorite shade or stash them all in your makeup bag to swap them out as often as you want. Our Original shade blends beautifully on all skin tones and dries invisibly. The nude matte finish of Eden offers full coverage while hiding ALL redness (and gives you a gorgeously subtle look when worn alone). And Minor Sin, a champagne shimmer, is a sheerer version of Sin that we reworked based on customer feedback (yes, we do listen to you!).

Easy on the eyes in more ways than one, this coveted primer now comes in revamped packaging with gorgeous ombré artwork and a faceted, jewel-like cap. Squeeze the Potion directly from the tube or use the flocked wand applicator. Either way, you get precise, controlled application every time. »

According to their website this primer is supposed to make sure your eyeshadow stays set all day, doesn’t crease, and gives a more vibrant color pay off as well as a smoother application. We’ll see later if I think that’s correct.

You can buy the eyeshadow primer in three different finishes. We have the Original version, Eden which is supposed to hide your veins and redness on your eye lids, and Minor Sin which is transparent and has a slight shimmer. They’re listed for $20 on the Urban Decay website.

This is what the packaging of the primer looks like. As you can see it’s a small tube, it holds 10 ml / 0.33 fl oz, and the applicator of the primer is a doe foot applicator.

Let’s move on to the actual review! The consistency of the primer is very thin, if you apply it on your eyes and you blend it out with either your finger or a brush, you can’t see it anymore. It’s quite sticky to your eye lid. I always put some powder on top to set it.

I have a lot of veins on my eyes so those need to be covered. This primer doesn’t do that. Obviously I can’t blame the primer for it, but it’s a reason I am not the biggest fan. It keeps my eyeshadows in place and they blend perfectly on top of it. I personally don’t see how my eyeshadows get more color because of this primer. I don’t see a difference while with my NYX eyeshadow primer I do see this. Just a few minor details.

You do not need a lot of product, a few dots on your eye lid are more then enough. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply on your eye lid. I think for people with oily eye lids this one is not for them because of the consistency. I think the creasing would happen quite easily even when you do powder on top of it. It always stays a little tacky.

Conclusion: I think this is a good primer. I personally need a primer with a little more coverage so that’s why it’s not one of my favorites. But it does everything the company claims, well besides the more vibrant color pay off. I think for people with dry eye lids this could be really good, it might be a reason it works fine on me. People with oily eye lids might need to step away. I think $20 for a primer might be a little expensive but with the little amount you use each time, it will last you quite a long time.

Rating: 7/10

Have you ever tried this eyeshadow primer? Or do you have recommendations about your favorite eyeshadow primers? Let me know below.

See you all again tomorrow!

All the love, Des x


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