Wishlist June 2016


Hii everyone! Today I’m going to share with you guys my wishlist for this month. There have been some products I would have loved to have bought this month but didn’t. So these products are the ones I really want but don’t have (yet). If you’re interested to see which products I would love to have, then please keep reading.

Before I started to wrote this post, I looked back on my May wishlist and saw I got two items of that one. I now have 2 Milani Mattallics Lip Crémes and a customized z-palette full with Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I’m very happy I got some things from my May wishlist, now let’s move on with my June wishlist.

Recently Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with a new eyeshadow palette. I have never tried any of their palettes, but the moment I saw this one I was in love. It’s the Modern Renaissance palette and it’s absolutely gorgeous. You can buy the palette at the Anastasia website for $42, which seems like a reasonable price to me.

The color selection is so gorgeous, it’s unlike any palette I have ever seen. You have neutral colors in warm and cool tones. But the brighter colors are what really peaked my interest. (I got the image below from the Anastasia website). Isn’t it just gorgeous?


Jeffree Star is mostly known for his liquid lipsticks. I have three of them and while I’m still testing them out, so far I love them. Recently he came out with two new products; highlighters and an eyeshadow palette. I want both of those products.

There are four shades of the Skin Frost highlighters. My skin tone would only be suitable for two, so I’m only going to include pictures of those. While they are constantly out of stock because of the popularity of everything he makes, they are being restocked often. Just check his twitter for updates of future restocks. You can buy the highlighters at the Jefree Star Cosmetics website for $29 each.

The colors I want to have are called: Ice Cold and Peach Goddess. Ice Cold is the most perfect highlighter for very pale skin. It’s a white, like pale white highlighter and it looks so gorgeous. It’s not a highlight for a natural look, because you will glow people away from you. Peach Goddess is obviously as the name suggests a peachy highlighter. It’s not as intense as Ice Cold but I still think it would look so gorgeous. (The images below are from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website).

And let’s just continue with another Jeffree Star product, his Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette. If I’m correct this palette is in stock at the moment. You can buy it at the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website for $45.

When I first saw the palette on Instagram I believe I wasn’t sure if I wanted it because it kinda looked like shades thrown together. But after I’ve seen it in action I’m sure I could create awesome looks with it. The pigmentation seems to be amazing and I’m already in love with the pink color. (The image below is from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website).


Too Faced recently came out with a new concealer. The Born This Way concealer. They already have a Born This Way foundation so it would be perfect to match it with that. I have the feeling I can’t find a good concealer. Every concealer I try is too yellow for my skin tone. You can buy the Born This Way concealer on the Too Faced website for $28.

From looking at their website it seems like they have the perfect shade for me. The color is very fair (with pink undertones) and it seems perfect for me. I hope one day I can buy it and see if it really would be a good match. The concealer has 10 shades at the moment. (I got the image from the Too Faced website).


Essence is a drugstore brand and has a lot of good cheap products. It has been doing collaborations with four different beauty bloggers from Europe. One of them is a Dutch woman named Serena Verbon. I have been following her blog for a while and I’m really enjoying it, and now she made her own little palette in collaboration with Essence.

I have no idea where exactly you can buy Essence in other countries but I’m guessing the drugstores. In the Netherlands you can buy it at Kruitvat, they have quite a lot of products. I believe the palette is at €4,99.

It was supposed to be a limited edition but due to the reaction of people all four palettes are going to be included in the products of Essence. I’m very happy of course for Serena and the other ladies who made a palette with Essence.

Inside the palette there are a bronzer, highlighter, and two matte eyeshadows. It looks so pretty and I can’t wait for it to be back in stock so I can try if for myself. (I got the image from the Essence website).


Last but not least I want a new mascara. I currently have two mascaras I use and they do the job fine, but I love trying new mascaras and see if they work out for my lashes. L’oréal came out with a new mascara the Miss Hippie mascara. It can be bought for my Dutch people at drogistplein for €9,99.

The Miss Hippie mascara promises volume. And while I like length in my mascaras, volume is more important to me. It promises a flirty and intense look. (Whatever that means). There’s nothing too special to tell about this one but so far L’oréal mascaras have always been my favorite so I’m curious how this one turns out. (I got the image from the Dutch L’oréal website).


These are all the products I currently want. Or at least the ones I want the most. Do any of you have one or more of these products? Would you recommend them or not? Let me know. See you all tomorrow!

All the love, Des x


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