#100DaysofMakeup | Day 6/100

Hey guys! How has everyone’s weekend been? After not wearing any makeup on Saturday and forgetting to post Sunday’s look, today is a new post about #100DaysofMakeup. It’s a very simple look, since it didn’t completely work out the way I wanted it to. So if you are curious to see today’s look, then keep on reading.

Today I used a new palette for this makeup look. That’s part one why I wasn’t too happy about the finished result. I used the Balm’s Bon Jovi Rockstar Face palette. It features 12 eyeshadows, 1 blush, 1 highlighter and 2 lipcolors. Needless to say I was excited to dive into this palette and use it for today’s look.

This is how the palette looks like. I started off with the eyeshadow Adagio, a very light brown color. It’s almost as light as my skin, so it’s the perfect transition shade for me. I blended it into my crease, so all the colors on top of it would blend seamlessly.


I then grabbed the color Allegro which is a darker brown with kind of a green undertone and also blended that into my crease. I made sure it was blended the way I wanted and grabbed some more of Adagio to make it look a little softer.

Then I grabbed a flat eyeshadow brush and dipped into the color Third Eye Blinded, a soft pink color. I put it over my entire lid. I was a bit disappointed with the pigmentation. I could barely get it to show up on my lid. I then moved on to the color Alice Cooper which is a dark brown with gold glitters and put that on the center of my lid. Again the pigmentation wasn’t good, but in this case I didn’t mind. I didn’t want the color on the center to be very dark so it was good.

I went back into both colors I used for my crease one more time and made sure everything was blended perfectly.

I went and did my face and of course I used the blush and highlighter which where included in the palette. The blush called Don’t You Want Me is a gorgeous soft pink blush, the pigmentation is great, so I used a very light hand. The highlighter is very subtle and light which is nice for just a regular day and it applied very easily.

I went back to my eyes and put Adagio and Allegro on my lower lash line. At the outer part of my lower lash line I put some of Alice Cooper and blended it out. Then I used the color Metal-Ica which is a metallic silver almost white color and put that into the inner corners of my eyes.

I suck at eyeliner, I barely use it. Mostly because of my hooded eyes I find that if I apply eyeliner you don’t see the rest of my makeup. Also because I’m just really not good at it. When I try to make a wing I always fail to make them even. So I tried doing my wing for half an hour, kept getting more annoyed because I was ruining the eye look and then just erased the wing part. So I do have eyeliner on, just not a wing. I’m going to be honest I don’t like how it looks, but I didn’t want to start all over again . Here are some pictures of the finished eye look.

And here I have some full face pictures which include a mixture of the two lipcolors that were featured in the palette.

I’m not satisfied with it, but let me know what you think.

Here is a list of products used to create this look.

  • ABH Dipbrow in Soft Brown
  • W7 Brow and Lash Shaping Gel
  • NYX Eyeshadow Base Primer
  • Essence mattifying compact powder in Light Beige
  • Elf Hydrating Primer
  • Elf Foundation Stick
  • LA Girl Concealer in Porcelain
  • Morphe Translucent Powder
  • NYC Mosaic Face Powder
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette
  • NYC Liquid Eyeliner
  • Essence Eyeliner
  • NYC Big en Bold Mascara
  • Colourpop Liner in Honeydude
  • Makeup Revolution Pro Fix

I hope you guys enjoyed yesterday’s look. I have another post for you guys later today, with the look I wore today. Have a lovely day and I’ll talk to you later!

All the love, Des x


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